The Perfect Hair Parting For Every Face Shape

A parting can make all the difference, especially when you’ve been sticking to the same style for longer than you can remember. And while we’ve all had our fair share of parting nightmares – we’ve learnt that these mishaps can usually be blamed on choosing the wrong style for your face shape. A simple update to your part can elongate your features, bring out your cheekbones, and soften sharp angles. We’re already reaching for our hairbrush, scroll through and find out which style is your perfect match!

Square Face

Side or Centre Parting

A square face is defined by a wide hairline and jawline. A classic side parting will soften these features and create an illusion of a less angular face structure. Centre parting may also be a good option for this face shape, as it will highlight your cheekbones.

Round Face

Centre Parting With Curtain Bangs

Adding dimension to a round face is a real struggle. However, centre partings elongate a rounder face and create symmetry around the bone structure. Centre parting paired with curtain bangs will draw more attention towards the middle of your face rather than the sides.

Oval Face

Any Kind Of Parting

When any parting suits you, it would be criminal not to experiment with your style on a regular basis. You lucky ladies have a huge variety to choose from! Be it centre parting or side parting – the oval face is one face shape every kind of hair parting flatters.

Heart Face

Deep Side Parting

The most prominent feature of this face shape is a pointy chin. A deep side parting will soften your cheekbones by breaking the chin line. Those who have long hair can also opt for a centre parting.

Diamond Face

Side Parting

A diamond shaped face is defined by a smaller forehead and seriously high cheekbones – think Victoria Beckham! To complement these features a side parting is the best option as it softens your face. Shorter hairstyles also work well for diamond shaped faces as anything too long and dramatic overshadows you.

Oblong Shape

Centre Parting With Fringes

An oblong face is longer and less wide. A middle parting complemented by fringes will work best for this face shape as it creates an illusion of roundness, softening the sharp features.

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