The Ideal Eyeshadow Shades For Every Eye Colour

Eyes are the most fascinating feature on any face. They fixate onlookers with their depth, and frame everything else. Every eye colour speaks volumes as well. The steely ice of blue eyes and the mystic, sensitivity of brown ones complement different faces for different reasons. Some prefer certain colours, while others are happy with the ones they have. No matter what colour your eyes are, you can always make them sparkle by accentuating them in the right way. This is where eyeshadows come into play! Eye makeup has traditionally been matched with a girls outfit, but little do people know, the first order of business actually starts by pairing the right shade for the right eye colour. With a plethora of shades now available in different palettes, choosing the one that complements your eyes the best isn’t so straightforward. We make that easy for you. Scroll down for our simplified guide to wearing the right eyeshadow for every eye colour. 

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are anything but boring! With brown eyes you have the freedom to play around with as many colours as you want, because it’s such a versatile shade. Bright colours are perfect for brown eyes because the relatively neutral colour balances them out. More subdued tones also look great, because they contrast against the complexity and depth of brown eyes. Match against your eye colour with neutral shades like a bronzy gold, salmon, deep purple, or green and pink toned eyeshadows for the best results. 

Grey Eyes

Count yourself lucky if you’re blessed with grey eyes! You’re a rare bird indeed. Grey eyes are gorgeous and unique, and those who have them should definitely flaunt them. To enhance this stormy eye colour, pair it with similar steely hues like silver, icy blue and layered shades of grey. Otherwise, contrast your eyes with vibrant, neon colours.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are naturally bright and don’t need loud eyeshadows to call attention to them. Subtle shades of purple such as lilac, mauve, and plum contrast well with green eyes and make them appear more dramatic without taking them over the edge. To keep it natural but make them pop slightly, go for shimmery hues of brown.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a kaleidoscopic blend of brown and green eyes. This means you have the best of both worlds in a way, because you can rock all the colours that complement brown and green eyes. The options are actually endless for you. Besides the ones we’ve mentioned, pastels and metallics from your eyeshadow palette would look fantastic as well.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes have the unique ability to look incredibly striking, and also overwhelmingly soft and demure. This dual ability transfixes everyone. Make them pop by pairing them with contrasting earthy hues. Eyeshadow shades like brown, bronze, shimmery taupe, and slate grey perfectly complement the cool tones of blue eyes.

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