The COVID-19 Tweets That Made Us Appreciate Humanity

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and crippled our economy, health care systems and general way of life. Social distancing from one another is not just an option anymore, but a necessity. But however bleak this time might seem, it has taught us so much about humanity. Keep scrolling for the coronavirus tweets that made us smile and appreciate the small acts of kindness people are doing all over the world – these are some of the things we learnt: 

1. Love Knows No Distance

2. We All Need To Respect And Care For The Elderly

3. Health Care Professionals Around The World Are Superheroes

4. And They Deserve All The Appreciation

5. Race And Religion Don’t Matter

6. And Neither Does Geographical Distance – We Are All In This Together

7. You Can Always Find A Way To Help People

8. We All Could Do With Some Good Vibes Right Now

9. You Can Spread Joy Even In Quarantine

10. It’s Okay To Ask For Help

11. You Can Serenade Someone From A Distance

12. Birthdays Can Still Be Special

13. Small Gestures Can Go A Long Way

14. There’s No Reason You Can’t Still Find Ways To Do Things Together

15. There Is Nothing Parents Won’t Do To Make Their Kids Happy

16. You Can Make New Friends Even In Isolation

17. Our Teachers Should Not Be Taken For Granted

18. Where There Is Humanity, There Is Hope

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