The Best Advice Mashion Staffers Have Received From Their Fathers

If there’s one thing fathers love to do, it’s giving advice. From infancy till adulthood, there are countless words of wisdom that our fathers have bestowed on us, and on Father’s Day, we could think of no better way to celebrate than to share some of them with you! Scroll down to read the best advice Mashion staffers have received from their fathers and then head on over to our instagram to tell us what the best advice your father gave you was:

“Always think big in everything you do. You may not achieve it, but you’ll end up doing it better than you set out to”

Maha Rizvi: Managing Editor

“Be Yourself.” – Whenever I’ve doubted myself or adjusted my behaviour just to please other people, I’ve always stuck by these words.

Hassaan Khan: Co-Founder

“Keep expanding your mind. That could mean travelling the world, meeting different people or understanding a POV different from yours – you should never stop learning.”

Seher Hafeez: Manager, Mahira Khan

“Surround yourself with people who you admire. Good company is everything and being around people who motivate you to be your best self, will take you far in life.”

Maryam Ansari: Content Editor

“You should never stay in a job you truly don’t love. If you follow your dreams and work hard on them, success is bound to follow!”

Zoha Naqvi: Social Media Manager

“Always be on time – being late is one of the biggest signs of disrespect. I’ve had this instilled in me since a young age and it’s something that’s always appreciated, especially in my professional career.”

Anam Sadick: Marketing Manager

My father always goes out of his way to help other people. He says “this life means nothing if it isn’t of use to others.”

Mustafain Bokhary: Marketing At Mashion Studio

“You are not supposed to have everything other people have, that greed can put rust to your own talent and skills.”

Arham Ikram: Video Producer

“Live in the present and enjoy whatever you have. Whatever you have is always enough. “

Almas Sheikh 

Video Producer

“Ego and pride is one of the most dangerous things. Once you remove them from your life, life will become simpler.”

Hiba Mansoor: Intern

“Your health is more important than grades, jobs etc. Take care of yourself first and everything else will fall into place later”

Shanze Sadiq: Intern

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