Surprise Your Mom By Gifting Her These 6 Beautiful Lawn Outfits

Making an effort for the people in your lives goes a long way, and especially when they least expect it. However, buying gifts for your mother-in-law isn’t the easiest, especially if she’s picky. Lucky for you, lawn season’s here and if theres any gift that’s foolproof – it’s a lawn jora. So no matter what your price point is, here are the 6 joras that’ll have you in your MIL’s good books!

Zara Shahjahan

You can’t go wrong with a classic jora from Zara Shahjahan! This light mint colour will be perfect for any daytime event she has to attend.

Sana Safinaz

This warm, summery number from Sana Safinaz is perfect for any occasion!

Nishat Linen

The muted colours and demure print make this lawn jora from Nishat Linen perfect for any women with a more classic style!


True to their personal style, this fun print from Sapphire will make for an gift your mother in law will cherish!


Getting a present for your mother in law is almost like a test – luckily you’ll pass with flying colours with this stunning jora from Zaha!

Ideas Pret

Ideas Pret is a classic, and this luxe print will have you receiving complements all summer long!

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