Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method You Aren’t Using

No pain, no gain! At least that’s what we’ve always heard about waxing. We don’t love doing it, but we can’t do without it either — it’s complicated. What if we told you there was something just as effective as waxing, but way less painful? Sugaring is a magical hair removal method which gives you perfect results, without causing the feared pain that waxing does. If you’re looking for an easier alternative to waxing, then this is the one!

What Is Sugaring? 

Sugaring is a sustainable hair removal method in which sugar, lemon juice and water are boiled together to make a paste. The all-natural paste is then applied on the skin and pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This method is comparatively less painful and is also gentle on the skin.

How Is It Done?

Sugaring hair removal is a very simple process. You can easily prepare the paste at home by boiling together sugar, ¼ cup of lime juice and ¼ cup of water. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to cook into the right consistency, and then you can start the process. The actual process of hair removal is similar to waxing in the way it is applied. Apply it in the direction of your hair growth, and remove it with a muslin strip, or cloth in the opposite direction.

Why Is It Better Than Waxing?

Mainly because it is less painful — which is reason enough for most of us to try it. The reason it isn’t as painful is that unlike waxing, it sticks to the hair and doesn’t pull of skin with it. Sugaring is also gentler on the skin and doesn’t cause any redness or irritation, something which is very common with waxing. It also doesn’t leave your skin sticky and can be easily wiped off with water. 

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