Step Up Your Nail Game With Instagram’s Latest Obsession – Jelly Nails

Like always, Instagram is responsible for the latest makeup and beauty trends that we all start obsessing over. This time the trend is jelly nails, or glass nails, and we’ve got to admit, this one’s quite interesting. The Internet totally lost it when reality star and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner posted them on her Instagram. Soon enough, the #JellyNails hashtag went viral. Read on to find out the deets about this crazy trend!

What Are Jelly Nails?

The jelly nail trend was first spotted at Dior’s 2014 Spring/Summer makeup collection and has been popping up on our feeds for a long time. The trend went viral last year when nail-focused Instagram accounts and Kylie Jenner, of course, rocked them. These nails are achieved by sculpting transparent acrylic onto your nails. A foil is placed under the nail and acrylic is applied on top of it depending on the shape and length you want.

How To Wear Jelly Nails

You can try this trend in pretty much every length and colour but long and neon nails are the preferred way to go. Quirky but totally wearable, this 90s-esque trend is on our must-try list!

BRB, we’re going to be scrolling on Instagram for inspiration all day!

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