Sooper Encourages You To Seek Joy With The Simpler Things In Life

We associate happiness with many things. Getting your dream job, getting into your dream school, scoring that perfect GPA, marrying the love of your life – everyone has a different definition for it. But do we really have a criterion for happiness? Watching Sooper’s newest campaign made us realize that we don’t need to go a mile in search of happiness. Happiness actually lies in the little things!

Take a look at how they embody happiness:

Simple yet powerful! Sooper reminds us that the essence of happiness lies in simplicity – gazing at an endless sky full of stars, squabbling over a board game and loving every minute of it, lying with your head in your mom’s lap and saying nothing but saying everything at once. Instead of fretting over the past and worrying about the future, Sooper reminds us to not miss out on today’s gift.

With their new campaign #SeedhiSaadiKhushi, Sooper shows us that simple things can be found anywhere, anytime. It tells us to count our blessings and focus on the simple things for a change. Live your life to the fullest, seek contentment around you and find the reasons to smile, because that’s what happiness is all about after all!

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