Meet The Boldest Makeup Trend This Season

This spring/summer season is all about going bright with the most vibrant shade on the spectrum – yellow. We already told you how to style it with your clothes. Now it’s time to figure out how to blend it in with your makeup. With the right shade, yellow eyeshadow can bring out your eyes and make your skin look like it’s glowing. After debuting on runways in the major fashion capitals of the world, and soon after spreading over Instagram like wild fire, it’s safe to say that this is a certified trend that has well and truly arrived. Donning yellow eyes has become easier now with tons of yellow eyeliners and eyeshadows available too. The shade may seem too tricky to wear, but it’s worth giving a try! 

Who Can Wear Yellow Eyeshadow? 

Given how unusual the colour is, you’re bound to have thought it. Let’s set the record straight: you don’t have to have a specific skin tone, or be a celebrity to pull the look off. Yellow is a flattering colour and suits every skin tone. In fact, yellow tinged makeup looks better in brighter shades than muted ones.  

How Do I Wear It?

Wondering how to wear yellow eye makeup without looking OTT? The possibilities are limitless. If you want to keep it minimal, then just apply a thin line of yellow liner. If you want to standout, then don’t second guess yourself: pick up a palette and go for it! There’s no such thing as too much. Layer it on with shades in mustard, lime, and ochre for a yellow smokey eye!

So, whats the consensus? Is this a trend you would dare to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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