Love Letters To Icons: Bushra Ansari

There are countless female icons that have coloured our history and left a lasting impression on us with their talent, charisma and presence. Every week, Ammaar – known on Instagram as ammaavocado – will be sharing his letter of love and admiration to some of these inspiring women. This week it’s to the actress who needs no introduction: Bushra Ansari. 

Dearest Bushra,

They say desire stems from envy and envy stems from witnessing something so great that you know you can never have for yourself. Your life, is that for me.

Bushra, not only did you make the most popular shows for the most popular channels but you also kept the entertainment industry alive when it was galloping for life. You watered it in times when there was a drought, and there was nothing but a loud hopeless sun over the industry; you watered it, you watched it grow, slowly but consistently. 

Bushra, you didn’t just become the most popular actress of Pakistan, but you paved the path for many to become the most popular actresses of Pakistan. They not only looked up to you, but they owe you everything.

You were not just an actor, Bushra. But of course you know that, but this blatantly token of love that I’m throwing out into the air of the internet must also know who you really are, and so I reiterate, you were not just an actress, you were the first female comic, a writer, a producer, and a singer.

You were not just talented, you were the talent people prayed for.

Bushra, I have tasted the privilege of sharing a roof with you. At Faiz Festival, Sarmad Khoosat interviewed you about your life and outrageously successful career. I loved that you started with saying you belonged to a ‘middle class background’ and for you that must just be honesty, but for many that was hope. This is something we don’t realise, Bushra, that sometimes what you say or I write gives people a new hope to survive one more night. You of course must have several occasions where you must’ve noticed it. But for me it was at an open mic, I came off stage after reading a poem, and as I was leaving, someone tapped me on the shoulder, as she wiped the tears from the back of her hand and said, ‘I haven’t cried over my husband’s death for 3 months, but your poem broke me.’

Bushra, most people don’t know this, but that was the last time I ever read a poem on stage. And it was not because I was hurt to see her this way, but it more had to do with not knowing the power of poetry and the ways in which it can puncture the heart.

Bushra, if I begin listing your awards, this letter may never end, but I will speak of your recent award, ‘sitar-e-imtiaz’

It’s one thing to deserve an award, but to be someone who was made for it is something else. It exudes a unique confidence and a special kind of admiration for someone. You did not deserve this award, Bushra. We owed it to you. We owe you most of what we have now and what we may have in the future.

This award honours everything you did for us, Bushra. This award honours your grace, your witty laughs, and everything that we fell in love with over and over again.

In your interview with Sarmad, at the end, when you were asked of your inspiration, you said to always be honest with your craft, work and yourself. Well, Bushra, here I am being honest to mine, and saying, I love you.



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