5 Skincare Myths It’s Time To Stop Believing In 2018

Achieving flawless skin is no easy task. What if we told you that some universally accepted skincare myths might be holding you back? But no more – today we bust five of the most common skincare myths. Warning: some of these may cause you to change your whole skincare regime.

Oily Skin Needs No Moisturising

The oil in your skin is not a natural moisturiser so please don’t mistake it for one. Moisturising is as important for oily skin as it is for dry skin and not doing so can actually make your skin even oilier. But you do need to be careful about what type of moisturiser you’re using. Lightweight, gel or water-based moisturisers are ideal for oily-skin and are non-comedogenic.

All Natural Bar Soaps Are Good

While we think of all ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ products as miraculous, natural soaps can, in fact, be just as harsh as dishwashing detergents and badly damage our skin. They dry out your skin by stripping the good oils from it and in some cases overproduce oil as a reaction.

Pores Can Open And Close Due To Water Temperature

Hot water may make your pores more visible but it’s not because they have opened up! It’s actually because the heat of the water causes them to swell. Bottom line: the opening and closing of pores is not in any way affected by temperature.

Drinking Water Will Solve All Your Skin Problems

Yes, water is great for your skin and keeps it hydrated. We don’t in any way recommend you stop drinking water, but it is important to understand that water is not an all-rounder. It cannot cure acne or discolouration! If you are facing any skin troubles it is best to consult a dermatologist.

Good Skincare Products Give You Immediate Results

The skin cell turnover takes around three weeks and it slows down as you get older. The results of any new skincare product added into your regime will only be noticeable after a month. So if you plan on giving up on a product or regime because you haven’t seen any results in the last week, you should know patience is key in getting the results you want!

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