Interview With The Woman Who Is Determined To Conquer All Five Elements

Fatima Nasir is an athlete, musician, biker and Pakistan’s first female fire breather. She’s also a physiotherapist, model and a star swimmer, making it big in Pakistan’s film industry with her role in an upcoming debut rom-com. It just so happens that this multi-talented, energetic and self-made woman met with us to discuss life and her upcoming role in the new Ehtshamuddin movie called Dum Mastam:

Q: So, Fatima, how would you describe yourself?

That’s a tough question…but I suppose as a free spirit who can’t be caged.

Q: You do pretty much everything. Is there a skill or hobby that you enjoy the most out of everything? 

Sports, arts and music is what keeps me hooked. But what I do the most and love is swimming. It keeps me calm and helps me mentally and physically. If you look carefully you will see how I’ve achieved something in everything you can think of. To be honest, I’m on a mission to conquer all four elements. I started off with swimming as the water element, then ground sports, i.e. tent pegging as earth, and then I learned to fly a plane as the air element! And last but of course not least, fire breathing! I enjoy doing everything I can think of.

Q: Generally children are pulled away from their dreams so they can focus solely on school. How did you manage everything and how did your family support your dreams?

Well to be honest, we children were given unique lives so we can make independent choices and live differently. I always uphold the belief that our parents are our well-wishers and guide us to the best path, but sometimes they are unable to understand that all human beings are not the same. Every person has a specialty and being pushed on to the paths of others takes that away from us. I knew I was different from the start. I knew I was born to do wonders. I believed in myself. I understood that what I saw in myself others couldn’t see. I paved my way myself instead of following someone else. I did what I wanted to one by one, and after achieving my goals I opened up to my family and they showed a positive response. That’s why I say, ‘phele karo, phir btao!’

Q: What do you like to eat?

Anything cold and sweet! Smoothies, desserts, ice cream – all of it!

Q: Congratulations are in order here. You’re acting in the movie ‘Dum Mastam’. Tell us about your experience and about the role that you play in it.

It has been an amazing experience working with the team. To my surprise, it was nothing like what I heard from people outside the industry. It’s totally different in real life. I’m thankful to Laeeq, Yasir and Ethsamudin for giving me this life changing opportunity. Also I’d like to mention that Imran Ashraf has been such a nice person – zero attitude and full of positive energy! In the film I’m the best friend of the main character. The story is really interesting and a great watch for our generation. 

Q: Did you enjoy acting? And would you like to continue working as an actress? 

Yes, I loved it! And if the role is my type, then I’d definitely continue. I’m actually waiting for the time when the film industry finally starts making movies based on strong and independent female characters!

Q: What advice would you like to give to young people who have a desire to do something but aren’t taking the necessary steps for those dreams? 

I’d say go for what you want in life. Everything that you think is stopping you is in your head! And you can control that. Be strong and believe in yourself. Self-belief is the first step. Breathe deeply and take small steps – you will succeed!

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