Inside The Edgiest Jewellery Collection To Exist In Pakistan

It’s safe to say FPW 2016 was a long time ago, but it’s still on our minds. Specifically: the hardware inspired jewellery that took the runway by storm. It was that rare, entirely new collection which took our breath away.

Designed by the extremely talented event planner and set designer Aarij Hashmi for Maheen Khan’s Gulabo, the capsule jewellery collection was called ‘Found.’ It was made using raw objects such as dice, screws, and bolts. Clinking, metallic, ridged, and sharp. The word of the day was texture, and the collection felt visceral. It gnawed at the inner child in us, fascinated by shiny, chunky things; begging us to leap forth from our seats and play. The jewellery designer didn’t care to polish the objects, but rather accentuated and highlighted what made them unique as materials. The idea of taking unexpected items and turning them into jewellery or wearables is not new to the world. In the Pakistani industry, though, Aarij Hashmi lead the charge.

It wasn’t just the novelty of the jewellery, but the way it complimented Gulabo’s collection on the runway – the pieces blended in seamlessly. It was perhaps this perfect marriage between the two which sold us on the statement jewellery. It’s clear to see Aarij’s aptitude goes far beyond set designing and event planning. It’s also safe to say we’re not alone in hoping for an extension of this capsule collection!


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