How To Prep Your Skin For Shaadi Season

Shaadi season can be rough – it’s when looking your best is imperative, but all the late nights, irregular eating patterns, extra dessert, and the constant makeup can take a huge toll on your skin.

Our recommended schedule will keep your skin in top shape – scroll below.

Some Things To Keep in Mind 

Don’t Venture Into The Unknown

The most important thing to remember is that this isn’t the right time to experiment with those “great new” products your friend recommended. The last thing you want is for your skin to react, and then force you to deal with figuring out how to heal it on a time crunch. No one needs that kind of stress. Stick to the tried and tested products which have never let you down. The same thing applies to facials, makeup, or new treatments. Do your research and inquire about which ingredients are in the scrub you’re having applied, or in the products your makeup artist is using. After all, you know better than anyone how sensitive your skin is, or how it specifically reacts to certain things. Be proactive! 

Drink Plenty Of Water

Make sure you keep drinking water throughout the day, and to keep eating fruits rich in vitamin C – they’ll keep you hydrated, and make your skin glow. As for veggies, dark green leafy vegetables will overhaul your skin and make it better than ever. Include a daily salad serving with greens like kale and spinach! This will also more than make up for the delicious eating you will be indulging in during events! Put in the necessary work now, and you can be carefree later. 


Sleep is majorly important! Too many late nights will make your face puffy and bloated, give you giant eye bags, and ruin your metabolism. Late nights are inevitable during shaadi season, so get your rest in whenever you can. The days there’s nothing happening, turn in early. Other times, find odd times to nap and get your beauty sleep in! An hour or two in the afternoon works like magic.

Follow This Routine

Two Weeks Before: 

This is before your hectic social calendar is meant to actually begin. Think of this as laying the foundation for your skin!

  1. Religiously start your washing and cleansing routine – repeat at minimum twice a day, and include toner.
  2. Begin exfoliating two to three times a week, or less depending on how sensitive your skin is. This gets rid of all your dead skin cells and will make your skin glow – it also minimises the appearance of pores.
  3. Invest in some raw, natural honey. This is a powerhouse food which can be used in multiple ways — mix it into your clay mask (detoxifying), use on its own as a DIY mask (hydrating), or with some green tea leaves (brightening)! This can be used as needed two to three times a week. You can even drink it with water to ingest its benefits.
  4. Remember to moisturise, and use sunblock every day!
  5. If you have any acne flare-ups, then treat them with salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide instead of toothpaste etc — myths like those will damage your skin!

The Day Before: 

Simplify your routine, and remove any heavy duty steps. You don’t want to apply anything aggressive so last minute. It’s all about preserving now – cleanse and moisturize, or apply a mask at most — maybe a sheet mask, or raw honey mask before you go to bed. Think of the night before like putting a warm blanket over your skin to rest and lock in moisture.  

The Day Of: 

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration! That is what gives your skin that soft, supple, bouncy feeling. Avoid caffeine, and drink herbal teas instead.
  2. Keep your skin care routine simple. Don’t over wash your face or you’ll risk drying it out, which will irritate your skin more once you’ve applied makeup. Use a moisturizer with two drops of your favourite oil for extra glow.
  3. If you have the time to go to the gym and get one last work out in, then go for it! The increased blood flow and rush of endorphins will make your skin look healthier, and sweating out can get rid of any last minute puffiness.

After The Event: 

Double cleanse your face after the event! The more high coverage your makeup is, the more important it will be to cleanse thoroughly. Cleansing will be the most important step of your routine at this time. Ideally, this should be with an oil or balm cleanser in your first step, and a gel cleanser in your second. You can also use a makeup remover or micellar water instead of an oil-based cleanser as your first step. After this, moisturize and go to bed. Don’t worry about any extra steps — they can be done the next morning. Lastly, if your events last more than two or three days, then add back in some exfoliation. 

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