How To Prep For A Zoom Interview

Over the course of the global pandemic, the use of technology rapidly increased as it was the only source through which people could connect during social distancing. Zoom during this time has gained immense popularity; not only is it everyone’s go-to WFH application, but is also used to host events, friend gatherings and schedule meetings. People have herded towards Zoom to videoconference, including individuals for whom job interviews have had to take place online. 

It seems that Zoom interviews are not going to disappear due to their convenience and the general rise in remote working. If you’re unsure how to prepare for your upcoming zoom interview, we’re here to help! These 6 interview tips and advice from working individuals and companies will help you master the platform and show employers you’re a capable candidate:

Research The Company

Research the company before-hand – check the company’s website and find out what their culture, values and goals are. What are the responsibilities of the role that you have applied for? Why did you choose to apply for this role? These are questions to think about prior to your interview.

We reached out to Luis Arechabala Roel, a sales intern at The Walt Disney Company, who says, “Understand what set’s the company apart and makes them unique. Try to identify what speaks to you about the company, that way you can be genuine about your interest in the company”. 

Pick A Setting

Our new work-from-home environment makes it important to pick a location. Try to find a space with natural lighting; try sitting opposite a window where the light would be even to make you stand out rather than a dim location. Make sure your surroundings are clean, professional-looking and free from clutter. This will reflect your professionalism as well as prevent the interviewer from getting distracted by what is around you. There are various virtual backgrounds on Zoom to use but they look fake and create a halo around your figure that alters your gestures – avoid them. 

Instead, “you could have a plant, some books or paintings around you that could be more appealing and reflects your personality”, says Dr Paul Caussat, professor at Royal Holloway University of London.

Eliminate Distractions

Make sure that you minimise distractions; turn off your notifications and close any extra tabs opened on your device. If you live with other people, tell them about your interview so they do not disturb you. You should be the central point of the conversation – your interviewer should be able to have your full attention, and vice versa. It will help you concentrate on what you have to say and allow your mind to function clearly without being distracted.

Familiarise Yourself With The Tech

Test out your technology to avoid any technical issues. Virtual interviews can be stressful so do a prep interview with your friend over Zoom to check everything is okay, and so you can get familiarised with your environment. Check your internet connection and make sure your camera and microphone are working – there can always be some time-lag and sync issues due to signal processing and internet congestion. 

Don’t forget to join earlier and “do not take it for granted. It requires extra preparation effort as compared to in-person interviews” hence “triple check your electronic device on the day”, says Buzz Tech, a local female led creative and digital agency.


Have a few practice rounds to refine your interviewing skills. You can be given practice questions prior to the interview so practice them on the device you will use. Don’t read any text in the official interview but have talking points next to yourself, so that if you’re struggling, you can have a quick glance at them to refresh your memory.

Try not to speak too fast so that the interviewer can understand what you’re saying and doesn’t miss out on anything. Make sure you look into the camera so you can make eye contact with the interviewer as you would in person. Also remember to leave some distance between yourself and the camera!

Pick Your Outfit

Get dressed for your interview it will boost your confidence and give you the feeling of being in-person. Switch from your chill mode to a professional mode as studies show that it can affect your behaviour and make you look competent, efficient and responsible. 

Try to dress up according to the company’s dress code; “a two-piece suit makes a perfect candidate, and the ladies should not overdo the makeup but isntead have a simple glow”, says Sharjeel Sajjad from Modifiers, a clothing brand that embodies the culture of being bold.

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