How To Maintain Oral Hygiene During Ramadan

Oral Hygiene is the practice of brushing one’s teeth and cleaning them on a daily basis to keep one’s free of problems. According to dentist Dr Javairia, it is “a vital aspect of one’s every day routine. It is essential not only for dental health, but also to keep your mouth free of disease.” During Ramadan, people find it slightly trickier to maintain their oral hygiene, despite the fact that you can brush your teeth during a fast – the opposite is a myth! If you struggle to maintain oral hygiene during this time, scroll down down for Dr Javairia’s step by step advice on how to combat this problem:

Brush With A Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoridated toothpaste has anti-cavity properties such as reducing acid content, facilitating remineralisation, and reinforcing the tooth structure. Dr Javairia also recommends “cleaning your tongue because a dirty tongue can lead to halitosis, or bad breath.” Her personal suggestions for toothpastes are Sensodyne, Colgate and Crest. 

Hydrate Well

Dr Javairia says that less hydration means a dry mouth and reduced saliva production, which can allow an increase in bacterial activity and can also cause bad smell. So if you didn’t already have a list of reasons to stay hydrated, here’s another one!

You Can Brush While Fasting.

A fasting person can use any fluoride toothpaste, as long as he is careful not to swallow anything. But if you are unsure about using toothpaste, Dr. Javairia recommends brushing with water.

Floss Well In The Morning

Interdental cleaners, such as floss, are an essential part of taking care of the teeth and gums, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Cleaning between teeth removes plaque from places that toothbrushes can’t penetrate. Dr Javairia says that if you don’t have time to floss, try using a mouthwash before going to bed.

Using Miswak

The miswak is a twig from the Salvadora persica tree that is used to clean teeth. According to Dr Javairia, a miswak is good to use not only because it is Sunnat, but also because it cleans your gums and releases chemicals that are good for your teeth. During Ramadan if you are wary of using a toothpaste, a miswak might be a good alternative!

Tips For Smokers

If you smoke, Dr Javairia recommends the use of mouthwash and consumption of plenty of water because smoking dehydrates you and causes bad breath. If you still have bad breath, it is possible you may need dental cleaning or that you have a cavity that needs to be sorted.

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