How Faiza Saleem Defied Wedding Traditions In The Best Way Possible

We recently asked our readers which wedding trends they despised the most, to which a large, overwhelming majority voiced their dislike for what’s come to be known as ‘The Big Fat Pakistani Wedding.’ More specifically, everyone wanted an end to the performative actions demanded by couples — like the bride being told to keep her gaze lowered in a modestly (which for some reason equates to poise and grace in the eyes of aunties world wide). Most couples feel an odd sense of responsibility when it comes to these events as well. The formality of dressing up in stiff collars and heavy dupattas like vintage dolls, and being displayed on a bright stage uncomfortably for hours until it’s time to go home. There’s an incredible sense of emptiness in the way we conduct weddings. This celebration of love boils down to a grand feast; one void of sentimentality, but full of logh.

The logh are exactly who Faiza Saleem took on with her wedding. In a heartwarming and refreshing Instagram post she breaks down who gets to have a say in how she intends to enjoy her big day: her mother, whose blessing matters the most, and her husband because it’s his day just as much as hers. She emphasised two extremely important aspects of getting married as well, which can be useful for every bride to keep in mind. The nikkahnama is a fluid document and functions to serve the people entering into it in the best way, and so after discussing with her then fiancé, she included additional clauses to her benefit and right.

From wearing sneakers at her events to organising and hosting her own roast, the comedian made sure she owned her wedding in every way possible. The carefree spirit that embodies Faiza Saleem’s wedding is infectious (even affecting the ever serious young politician, Jibran Nasir), and we can’t help but stare in awe. It’s all about priorities, and Faiza prioritised her own happiness at her wedding — and rightly so. Weddings are an expression of love and people coming together. It’s about your closest friends and family. To any couples planning their wedding soon, the only piece of advice we would give is #WWFD – What Would Faiza Do? The answer to every problem will become immensely clear.

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