Quiz: Go On A Shopping Spree And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Shopaholic You Are

Shopping is a sacred ritual, and no woman takes it lightly! There’s a trained, assassin like quality with which women hit the high street. They gun for the sales racks, and hold the last shirt in their size hostage before anyone else can even dare to lay claim to it. The changing rooms are safe havens for selfies and a respite from the in-department hunting. Our eyes are sharper than any snipers, and we know what we’re looking for! Having said that, every shopper works a little differently. There’s the bargain hunter and the recklessly bougie buyers. Which one are you? Go on the ultimate shopping spree at Daraz and see which one you are!

But no matter what kind of shopper you are, we all love a hassle-free, easy checkout experience. Daraz Wallet, a closed loop digital wallet is perfect for just that – plus quick refunds and exclusive bonuses! The wallet can be topped up easily by depositing money from all the payment methods already available on Daraz.

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