Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

You might not think you need to pay that much attention to your eyebrows, but they make a world of difference. Your eyebrows frame your face, giving it dimension and complexity. They need to be the perfect length, and thickness; filled in and arched, or left alone completely. Figuring out what works for your face isn’t easy though, and we want to save you the trial and error of it all. An easy trick is to identify your face shape, and tailor your brows accordingly! Scroll down for our easy guide for stunning brows.

1. Round shape

Round faces lack definition — so to add structure to your face make sure your eyebrows are more angular than straight or rounded. High-arched eyebrows complement this face shape by giving it more dimension.  

2. Heart Shape 

Heart shaped faces are super angular generally but can be the trickiest shapes to work with. It’s better to play it safe and not experiment too much with this shape. Instead, try to accentuate your features with low-arched eyebrows. It is also important to keep your brows groomed and neat because a heart-shaped face always calls more attention to the upper half of the face so. They end up being a focal point for onlookers.

3. Oval Shape

The dream face shape for many – an oval face needs no specific eyebrow shape to enhance it because it’s pretty versatile. However, bold, sharply angled eyebrows are considered the most flattering on this face shape — but don’t worry too much if your brows aren’t naturally thick, or long enough to achieve a look like this. You’ll still look fine no matter what. Consider yourself lucky!

4. Long Shape 

This face shape tends to be stretched out vertically. To make your face appear more compact go for flat brows which compliment your face shape, and highlight the face horizontally.

5. Square Shape 

Square faces already have strong, angular, defined features. This can make your face look too hard sometimes, so to soften your features go for softly rounded brows. These will make your face appear slightly rounded from the upper half, balancing out your features.

6. Diamond Shaped

Wide temples, a short forehead, an angular chin and jawline define a diamond-shaped face. Curved eyebrows are recommended for this face shape to soften your look and make the broader portion of your face appear less wide. 

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