Dark Henna Colour – The Tips That Will Help You Achieve It

If you’re avid henna fans like us then you must have tried all the tricks in the book to get your henna to be darker and more vibrant. However, if none of those have worked for you, we might be able to help you. Saira Hussain, a holistic henna practitioner, shared her tips with us on how to prep your skin for a beautiful henna colour. Keep reading to find out more:

Pre-Henna Tips

Hydration Is Key

Yes, there are certain things you can do to achieve a darker henna stain. But before you do any of those, you need to take care of yourself – self love is part of the ritual! I love taking care of my body’s energy with ample water. A recommended hydration routine is between 1.5-2 L of water a day. You don’t realise it, but having enough water makes such a difference in everything else you do throughout the day (including applying henna!)

Let Your Henna Artist Know About Your Skin Conditions

It is important to inform your henna artist about your skin conditions before your appointment. If your skin is photosensitive, henna practitioners cannot use their organic lemon juice and sugar ritual glaze. This is commonly seen in post-care henna rituals when the henna has dried. This topical concoction may cause further melanin depletion which is needed to protect your skin from UV exposure. If you are photosensitive, please let them know.

Hire A Trusted Henna Artist

Hire someone who will guide you through your pre-care and post-care henna ritual. Remember, the industry is saturated and many of those using henna are not aware of the chemicals (PPD, parabens, parfums) that are blended into ‘store-bought’ henna to keep the colour lasting longer. You want to make sure that the Artist mixes their own (henna herb powder, sugar, essential oil and water are most common ingredients) blend and shares this information with you. If they do not, they are not educated or are unaware. This is your skin and your body you are adorning – be aware.

Observe Your Pre-Henna Schedule Of Events

If you need to book in appointments for your nails or a spa time, know that it is important that your pores are closed and clean. Using a toner (rose water) and healing your skin, plays a large role in evolving a consistent stain from your fingers to your elbow. 

Post Henna Tips

Avoid Chlorine 

Whether in pools, soaking in bubble baths or bath salts – try to avoid chlorine as much as you can. Take a quick shower the day after you’ve had your henna applied, preferably a few hours into your afternoon.

Avoid Exfoliation 

No loofahs, lymphatic brushes or salts, coffee grinds and sugaring. Instead plan ahead and use all this 5-10 days prior to your Henna session for excellent even toned Henna, low sebum production and increasing natural glow and circulation. 

Keep It On Longer

Henna dye has 3-4 different stages. The first is a bright, golden-orange colour which deepens overnight. Day 2, the Henna begins to turn a blood-orange and peaks of dark maroon start to grow along popular acupuncture points (the fingers and palm are visibly darker). Day 3, the Henna has now reached it’s photo-ready stage where most brides and other life transition clients schedule their main event (wedding, maternity shoot, birthday, etc). 

Avoid Using Herbs And Plant-Based Products That Have Melanin Depleting Agents Post Henna

If you wish to treat any past skin burn areas or skin pigmentation, consult with your physician and be gentle with your skin and hair. Treatments to these areas with aloe, turmeric and probiotics like yogurt are great to use as a gentle body mask to help brighten and give yourself the glow that you deserve. Treat yourself with love and practice self-love by hydrating, exfoliating, moisturising, healing and providing yourself with time. 

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