Mr X

Ask Mr X: “My crush told me he can’t live without me but is ghosting me now from last month.”
Ask Mr X: “We both are very serious about our relationship, but recently he doesn’t give me any attention…”
Ask Mr X: “I come with emotional baggage while my fiancé doesn’t…how do I address this?”
Ask Mr X: “A boy I was involved with romantically left me for his ex, but he keeps coming back every month…”
Ask Mr X: “Why is it that guys that make you think they like you, completely ghost you after a while?”
Ask Mr.X: “My boyfriend cheated on me…how can I move forward?”
Ask Mr. X: “How do I bring intimacy back in our marriage?”
Ask Mr.X: “How do you know when you’re ready for marriage?”
Ask Mr. X: “There is a senior colleague who I am pretty sure I am in love with…should I confess?
Ask Mr. X: “I’m a girl who’s in love with her former university professor…should I tell him?”
Ask Mr. X: “I love a friend of mine a lot but he doesn’t know…I feel like a one-sided lover. What do I do?” - - - - - - -