Busting The Most Common Myths New Mothers Are Told

If you’re a new parent, everyone will have a million things to say and advise you on. And while some of this advice can prove to be extremely helpful, there are some things that you should know are not helpful and definitely not true. That’s why our follower, Zeenat Shahid, decided to bust some of the most common myths new mothers are told. Scroll down to read her article:

There is lot of debate going on about the cancel culture. While there is an ongoing debate on whether or not such a phenomena should exist, I think there are certain beliefs that should be cancelled instead. Being a new parent is a joyful moment and brings a lot of responsibilities along with it, but also a lot of unsolicited advice and totkay. There is so much information coming from all corners that it’s hard to know what’s true, and what isn’t. That’s why today I am busting some myths that people tell new parents – before you hear these things, pause and re-think!

Myth #1: If you drink coconut water, your baby will be fair

Nobody’s focus should be on the skin tone of their baby in the first place. Secondly the truth is nobody can be fairer by just drinking something – skin tone, height, eye colour etc are due to genes! You can definitely drink coconut water for the health benefits as it has vitamins and minerals that can prove to be beneficial, but not for the hope that it makes your baby fair. 

Myth #2: Your baby’s hair will grow thicker if you shave it numerous times 

Shaving will only impact the hair’s surface – it has nothing to do with hair growth. Hair growth is totally dependent on follicles and the growth rate automatically gets better after 4 months. Again, this has more to do with genes than anything else. 

Myth #3: Picking up your baby when he/she is crying will develop the habit of crying or ‘blackmailing’

No! Whenever you are picking up a crying baby, you are validating the feelings of your child and validation plays a key role in personality development. Childhood doesn’t last long and you should cherish these moments while you can. But of course, this is dependant on your parenting style and everybody chooses a different way to go about it.

Myth #4: Putting honey on the baby’s teeth will help soothe teething 

According to paediatricians anything sweet (honey/jams/sugar) for children under a year old is not recommended at all as it causes dental decay. Honey is more harmful as it carries a bacteria called botulism which the digestive system of infants cannot process and hence could be harmful. 

Myth #5: If you feed your baby more before sleeping or add something like cerelac in their milk, their tummy will be full and so they will sleep throughout the night

If you are adding something in the milk, you are actually disrupting the patterns of feeding and hence depriving your child’s basic needs for his/her body. And there is no guarantee that your baby won’t wake up!

Myth #6: If you eat oranges or ice cream and then breastfeed your baby, your baby will have a sore throat

Eat whatever you like – as long as it’s healthy, your baby will be absolutely fine. Yes, there are some things that should be taken in moderation or avoided if possible like tea, coffee an alcohol. But the most important thing is to have a well-balanced diet. Do your research and ask your doctor before taking any healthy thing out of your diet. 

Myth #7: If you don’t give water to your newborn, he will be dehydrated.

Babies do not need water because their hydration needs are fulfilled via milk breastfed or formula! By offering water, you are disturbing absorption of nutrients as well as putting their tiny kidneys at risk. This is why doctors advise not giving water to new borns and babies under 6 months. 

Myth #8: Applying surma will make your baby’s eyes bigger

Kajol, kohl and surma contain lead and it’s extremely harmful for babies. It can cause allergies, itchiness and watery eyes. There are no scientifically proven benefits of applying kohl but there are several proven harmful effects of applying it.

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