A Guide To Female Hostels In Your City

For women in Pakistan, living on your own – whether it’s as a student or as a working woman – comes with its own set of challenges, one of which is housing. It can be challenging to find accommodation that is safe and comfortable, especially if you’re moving to an unfamiliar city. Here are a few options for female hostels in Pakistan’s 3 major cities:


Qureshi Girls Hostel 

Accommodating both students and working women, the rooms at Qureshi Girls Hostel are well furnished and the establishment is run by highly trained and experienced staff. It is also located in Muslim Town, a central part of Lahore, so is close to many shops, restaurants and colleges!

Lahore Girls Hostel 

Located in the Revenue Society near the University of Management and Technology (UMT), the Lahore Girls Hostel is a great option for students with its many amenities (including a tuck-shop located inside the building stocking snacks and other regularly used items) as well as an equipped all-female staff. 

Working Women Hostels

An initiative started by the Punjab government – and available in many other cities in the province – there are several branches of Working Women Hostels in Lahore that are run and overseen by the Government of Punjab, ensuring safe and quality housing.


The United Girls Hostel

With three different branches located across the metropolitan city, The United Girls Hostel provides an affordable and comfortable accommodation option for both female students and working women – while also offering lots of facilities, including free laundry!

Dr Salima R. Ahmed Women’s Complex 

Operated by the Pakistan Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Organisation (PFBPWO), the hostel is located at their headquarters in Clifton, Karachi and is run at a completely non-profit basis to accommodate working women. You can contact them for more details at (021) 3587371.


Nazzal Girls Hostel 

If you’re looking for a good location with comfort in Islamabad, Nazzal Girls Hostel is a great option! It’s located near the F-9 park and provides a full female staff, 24/7 security, a tuck shop and more. 

Royal Girls Hostel

Royal Girls Hostel offers great facilities, including laundry, transport assistance and also provides you with tea or coffee at any time you’d like!

The options are very limited when it comes to living on your own as a woman in Pakistan, especially outside of hostels, which are already far and few in between. However, if you are looking to find a place to rent instead, you’re not alone in your search: there are many other Pakistani women out there in similar situations and you can find them in KHI-LHR-ISL Female Flatmates, a Facebook group connecting women across the country looking for female roommates. While this decision can be daunting, you don’t have to make it alone; there are thousands of other women in the same shoes as you who can help!

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