9 Times We Wanted To Raid Syra Shahroz’s Wardrobe

Syra Shahroz is that powerhouse actress who can embody any given character, in any setting, no matter how different they may be. She achieves the same feat with her clothes, dressing for occasions almost as if she were inhabiting new roles that came with each outfit. She’s a true chameleon. She can go from runway glamour to dressed down mommy in a flash, and look stylish doing both! She’s definitely someone we could all take style notes from. Here’s your guide on how to dress to impress effortlessly!

1. Mom On Duty

2. Night Out On The Town

3. Keeping It Casual

4. Our Own Local Cinderella

5. Dramatic Sleeves Are The Next Big Thing

6. Ice Queen Vibes

7. Monochrome Doesn’t Mean Boring

8. Stylish Separates

9. Statement Pants

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