8 Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Now

Instagram now has more than 1 billion monthly active users, a number that keeps growing every single day. Our feeds are like a torrential downpour of never-ending memes, fashion bloggers, aesthetically pleasing mood pictures, and celebrity news. It’s the one-stop spot for our every need, but for some reason, it can start feeling a little toxic every now and then. Seeing beautiful people go on exotic vacations, or scrolling through mindless memes with simplistic texts, can start feeling a little empty when you’ve been at it for more than an hour — a fact our Instagram analytics never fails to tell us.

Digital detoxes are a recurring idea, one we’ve toyed with too. Realistically, it isn’t possible to actively live in the modern world without social media. What we can do, though, is curate the accounts we follow to make us a little happier online! These ladies share their day to day musings, professional lessons, personal challenges, stories of struggle, and engage with their followers in an insightful and meaningful way. Their Instagram posts spread awareness about different causes and social issues as well.

Moreover, whether it’s fashion, good food, social justice, motherhood, home decor, or self-improvement advice, these women have it covered. They are the leaders of the pack, successfully nourishing a wonderful, positive community of like-minded people. It’s rare to see followers react with as much optimism and emotion as they do on these accounts. When these girls share personal, happy moments, their followers rejoice with them. When they share their vulnerabilities, people pour in with support from all corners of the world. If you think you could use this kind of energy on your social media, check out the accounts below!

1. Clear Skin Doc

Dr Aaliya Yaqub is the definition of a supermom. With three kids and a successful career, she does everything to perfection. She’s a beauty with a fierce mind, and kind heart to reckon with. She shares her own personal stories about life and how to keep going. Her Instagram is extremely encouraging, progressive, and welcoming space.

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[September 6, 1971] my grandfather immigrated to this country with my grandmother and their 5 kids— including my mom. They arrived in Honolulu with few belongings and very little money. . He was a highly educated banker in Pakistan 🇵🇰. They had a comfortable life with a driver and household help. They left it all for a better future for their kids— as many do. My grandfather worked odd jobs when he arrived until he made enough money to buy a fabric store in Orange County— it was a family affair— long days, slim pay, hard work. My mom sewed dresses for clients while she was only a teenager. They worked hard for every dollar and over the years my grandfather started a successful landscape and construction business— he finally made it. . There is so much to be learned from his story of sacrifice. He experienced so much— he witnessed the India/Pakistan partition and saw many friends and family members die in that conflict. He and my grandmother lost 2 children 💔— 2 boys both under the age of 2. I can’t imagine their resilience. There is so much we can learn from our grandparents and I am so thankful for the tough choices they made. . I’m a California girl through and through but I would have lived a very different life thousands of miles away if they hadn’t made that big leap, given it all up— and started over. They built a brand new life brick by brick. The American dream is still alive and well. I see so many immigrants and folks from disadvantaged backgrounds working hard, educating their children and planning for a better future. This warms my heart and I am so grateful for what my family has done. Are any of you immigrants? Do you believe in the dream? #alhamdulillah #americandream

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2. Kanwalful

Kanwal Ahmed is the definition of strength and resilience. She built up the largest Facebook community of Pakistani women and is definitely a woman on a mission. She is a powerhouse who has given endless numbers of Pakistani women the courage to speak up and share their stories. 

3. Mahvish Ahmad

This overseas Pakistani is a riot. Whether it’s her new found love for hiking, chaotic family weddings, or her baby keeping her up at night, her relatable stories keep fans glued to her account. She conveys messages about social causes, as well as her own challenges at home, in a refreshingly candid way. Her blog is definitely a dose of stress-free, fun-filled shenanigans.

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On a daily basis, people say they were able to derive positivity from my stories and posts. Minha's tummy bug was pretty bad and she hasn't been this sick in over 2 years. In the aftermath, she was pretty traumatised, drained and demotivated. So, I thought, if that positivity bit is really true, why not pass on my hacks to my daughter? I pushed her to have her breakfast this morning, then made her change her clothes and moisturise, brush her hair, do up a nice ponytail and then the both of us went out on our patio for some time. There was a slight spray if snow in the air and everything looked fresh. Changing, thinking happy thoughts and stepping out in the green, these days the white, helps me feel better. And I think doing all this made Minha feel better too. We're back inside, and I've asked her to pull out her colours and draw something. Colours make me happy too.❤️ . I was talking to my psychotherapist @ammara_._saleem_ yesterday. I am not her patient but we sometimes do things together on my blog for you guys, hence i call her mine, hahah. I feel like I am still coping with post surgery stress and sometimes, I still get pulled down and sad. She told me that when you have pain, it takes it's own time to pass. But, one has to embrace it to deal with it and to be able to spread happiness, light and love in not just your own but other people's lives. I guess embracing my pain works and I suggest the same to you. When the days are down, embrace what makes you sad and push back. Make an effort to smile, do little things to help yourself, and inshallah, in its due time, the pain will leave you, leaving your soul stronger and full of love for life. Kabhi kabhi zindagi ki khubsoorati ko pehchan-ney ke liye thorhi se mehnat karni parhti hai. And this physical effort can do wonders for your mental state and health. 💞🌨️❄️

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4. Humna Raza

She’s practically a guru for positivity and happiness. Her smile makes everything she does look effortless. Her sweet posts about life, in general, will leave you feeling just as happy and grateful, especially for the little things you might ignore otherwise.

5. Syeda Urooj Fatima

She’s a young dental student with a steady head on her shoulders. She talks about a diverse range of issues from mental health to religion in a responsible, educated way. She is articulate and opinionated, but also incredibly relatable with her tales of loss, love, and pain. This is an account you can learn from, and also draw inspiration from.

6. Mama & Azaan

Sabika is a young, hands-on mother who is navigating through her life in Australia one step at a time. Her posts reflect an honest and brave character, one that has faced (and overcome) many ordeals. She doesn’t try hard to fit in and wears her individuality like a badge of honour.

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I get quiet a lot of messages asking about my patience threshold. How am I calm in situations where Azaan is testing all my boundaries? Let me tell you that it’s not easy, as much as we try to follow positive parenting approach we all do snap at times. I’m not always calm, I lose my cool too. But, I do follow a few steps that help me in staying calm and stop me from yelling the house down. ⁣ ⁣ 1. Pause ⁣ The powerful pause - every time Azaan gets into some thing he’s not supposed to or is throwing a tantrum I take a deep breath. I pause for 10 seconds before going in hot and I analyse the situation at hand. In these 10 seconds I remind myself, it’s okay - he’s little, I can handle this. This helps me in responding to the situation instead of reacting. We work it out together then. ⁣ ⁣ 2. Put yourself in their tiny shoes. ⁣ It’s all about perspective, try and understand the situation from their perspective. Azaan cracked an egg once (I think I shared that on my story as well), I chose to stay calm, I reminded myself that the mess has already been done. My yelling will not roll the time back and un-crack that egg. I did use my words to tell Azaan how I wasn’t thrilled about the situation. But I also realised how he sees me cracking eggs for breakfast and probably wanted to see if he can crack one too. Yes, there was a mess, but Azaan learned the concept of eggs and how he cannot just drop one on the floor. Believe you me, he has open access to eggs but he has never tried dropping one on the floor ever again. It’s all part of their exploring, they’re trying to understand how things work.⁣ ⁣ 3. Use your words ⁣ Azaan might not understand every single thing I tell him but I still keep my communication strong. A few nights back, Azaan woke up crying hysterically, nothing was calming him down. I kept asking and repeating myself ‘Azaan kya hua? Use your words baba. Kya hua?’ After asking him several times, he blurted out paani. I gave him some water and he fell right back asleep. How many of us are guilty of saying ‘WHAT NOW’ as soon as our little one cries instead of asking what’s making you upset? Share with mum, I can help you with it. ⁣ ⁣ Empathy is important. ⁣ ⁣

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7. The Inspired Accountant

Anam is a pro at multitasking. She puts in so much love and effort into everyday, ordinary things, and celebrates something unique about them in an extraordinary way. If you are looking for ways to become super organized, then follow her. She’s a Pakistani/Canadian version of Marie Kondo. What’s more: her stories are a treat for the eyes!

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If someone told you that they can leave you in a comfortable room, with a bed, food, water, other basic necessities on a daily basis, would you agree to live like that forever? I highly doubt it. Humans always want to strive for something bigger or better than what they have, no matter how comfortable or safe they may be... We have this need for self-actualization. You think if you just get that one thing - that job, that house, that boy, that body, that handbag, that X number of followers on Instagram, you will feel happy. But as soon as you achieve that, it doesn’t really satisfy you and you’re on a quest for something else. Because these tiny bursts of happiness don’t last - think of the feelings attached to shopping, intimacy, social status, educational degrees, fame etc. If you study human behavior, you will realize that essentially, we are just constantly trying to go beyond our limitations. There is something within us which doesn’t like boundaries. It wants to expand and be limitless. Now here’s the “cheesy” part - the only thing that can truly fulfill this desire is deep connection with the Creator of this universe. And the way to do that is to strive to be spiritual. Spirituality allows you to experience your life outside the boundaries of your body and mind. It lets you get in touch with something much greater than yourself, which is exactly what the soul craves. These days we hear a lot about spirituality. But being spiritual means that you break the confinement of your “nafs” - the judgmental, needy, validation and attention-hungry ego. Fighting the ego is the biggest battle a human can undertake. It leads to the biggest reward too - ultimate freedom from apparent joys of the material world. As Rumi said, “the desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” I think he’s so right! I want to explore this path, but with two young kids, this doesn’t seem like the most ideal season of life. But then I wonder, is there ever going to be a right time for this? Will it be too late? #thoughtsonlife #inspiredlifenotes

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8. Slightly Obsessive Dulhan 

The name says it all! If you’re obsessed with all things weddings, whether it’s the clothes, or the decor, head to Minahil’s account. She documents weddings and couples in love, making us swoon just a little bit. We love that her blog is colourful and bubbly, as is she.

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