8 Things To Avoid Wearing At Your Workplace

What you wear is an expression of who you are. Having a unique sense of style is important to all women, but sometimes it doesn’t fit the time and place. For example — the grunge, laid-back look might be an extension of your personality, but it won’t fly at work. Although the world is rapidly progressing, there are still some rules that are worth following if you want to be taken seriously in any workplace. Fashion is all about fluidity, and we can dress for purpose, style, and still find ways to incorporate our personalities. Read below for the eight major clothing items to avoid at the office!

1. Leggings

Whether your office environment is casual or not, you should never make the mistake of wearing a pair of legging or tights to work. Your favourite pair of leggings can be too tight, and even see-through in certain cases. Most important of all: leggings aren’t pants! You’ll feel uncomfortable roaming around in them, and your superiors will assume you were too lazy to get properly dressed in the morning. Remember — dress to impress!

2. Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are on trend at the moment, and perfect for a casual, edgy look in the daytime on your day off — they’re the coolest new thing to wear on the streets. For the office, though? It’s a big no! You’ll come across as looking juvenile and out of place. That doesn’t mean you can’t still wear jeans to work. Just make sure you go for a nice, dark pair without any rips or stains. 

3. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees may be all the rage these days, but wearing them to work is not the best idea. Shirts with cheeky slogans or icons will garner unwanted attention and will earn you a reputation as someone who doesn’t take their work seriously.

Bonus: This should be fairly obvious, but crop top’s are pretty inappropriate to wear to work as well.

4. Flip-Flops

We know comfort matters the most, but you have to strike the right balance when you’re at work. The sound of flip-flops against the floor can disturb everyone, and it also looks incredibly out of place. Instead opt for a nice, comfortable pair of black loafers, pumps, or even sandals.

5. Too Much Perfume

Putting on perfume is a big part of getting dressed in the morning. It can go a long way in a professional setting as well. Everyone appreciates someone that’s gone the extra mile to be presentable, and it gives off the impression of being clean and well groomed. But remember —overdoing anything can turn you from fab to drab in seconds. Overdoing the perfume will overpower your colleagues, and leave them with a tiny headache. 

6. Loud Colours

Colours are how we express ourselves! Your job is all about getting to the task though, so you might want to leave the neon hues at home. They can be bright and distracting, and some may even find them obnoxious. Try sticking to neutral colours like beige, white, black, or grey, and picking one statement colour. Try a colourful scarf or accessory instead!

7. Safety Pinned Clothing

While it may be completely appropriate for lunch with your friends, a blouse you had to use a safety pin to properly close should not be a part of your work wardrobe – ever. Not only will it be uncomfortable to spend the day in but there is also the threat that it will open up and leave parts of you exposed that you would rather avoid.

8. Tight Clothing

Pants or a top that feel like a punishment to sit in is not going to help you in any way during work hours. Choose clothes that sit with you, not against you. You’ll be much more comfortable for one, and secondly, it’s just inappropriate to wear figure-hugging silhouettes at your workplace. It can get you some unwanted attention in a professional setting.

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