8 Surprising Ways You Can Make Your Perfume Last Longer

The aroma of perfumes transcend time and region — travelling from the oudh speckled necks of Arabian queens, to the jasmine soaked wrists of Mughal raani’s, and high street shops of Paris. It’s an every day essential that keeps us smelling fresh and pleasant, but the classics we keep stocked, like their more royal ancestors, can be quite pricey. So when your fancy signature fragrances start smelling stale well before the expiry date, you’re not wrong to feel cheated! It’s not the brands fault though. We’re just clueless when it comes to keeping scents from going south. There’s a science to it: from how and where to spray it, to storing it in the right place. There are a lot of factors that play a key role in enhancing, and making your perfume last longer. We’ve got you covered with all the info — read below!

1. Store It In The Right Place

Perfumes don’t belong with rest of your beauty products in your bathroom cabinet. If you want them to last longer (who doesn’t?) never store them in damp spaces. Heat, light, and humidity are likely to break down the perfume and weaken the fragrance. Instead, store them in a cooler, darker environment — preferably in your bedroom.

2. Apply Petroleum Jelly To Your Pulse Points

We bet you didn’t know this! Petroleum jelly works in more ways than one can imagine. When it comes to holding onto your fragrance for longer, the ointment in petroleum jelly works best. Apply it to your pulse points before spritzing on the perfume of your choice, and enjoy your day without worrying about the scent evaporating.

3. Apply Unscented Lotion Before Perfume

Perfumes alone usually aren’t enough to keep you smelling like flowers all day. They work better when sprayed over an unscented lotion. Moisturising creates an oilier base for your fragrance to sit on, which helps retain the scent for longer. If you have dry skin, you should definitely never skip moisturising either.

4. Target Pulse Points

One basic reason your perfume disappears within few hours of wear is because you’re spraying it on wrong. When putting on a scent, always stick to your pulse points — these are the insides of your elbows, on your neck, your wrists and behind your knees. These points react naturally to your bodies fluctuations in temperature and radiate a bit more heat, which amplifies the smell of your perfume and holds on it for longer. Don’t waste your expensive perfume by spraying a cloud of it over yourself — just target these spots for maximised results.

5. Be Mindful Of When To Spray

Perfume is usually the last step in our dress up routine, but it needs to happen way earlier! To make the scent stay with you all day, wear your perfume right after taking a shower. Damp skin locks in fragrances better because of the moisture present. Make sure not to put your clothes on immediately after as well, since this will rub the perfume off. Let it dry for a few minutes and seep in first.

6. Don’t Rub The Perfume

Never! We repeat, never rub your perfume in. Rubbing your wrists causes the top notes to disappear faster, and as a result your perfume doesn’t last much longer either. Lightly dab the pulse points at the most. 

7. Read The Label

The longevity of fragrances also depend on their type. When buying a perfume, never just fall for the smell. Check and opt for eau de parfum or extrait de parfum as they are stronger and contain a higher concentration of oils, which make them last longer. Bottles labelled body spray, eau de cologne, or eau de toilette have lower concentrations. This is why their scent is more subtle, and generally evaporates faster.

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