8 Pieces From Straight Out Of Celebrity Closets That You Can Actually Afford

In our dreams, we have a walk in closet that’s completely carpeted in lush sherpa wool. The immaculately wallpapered walls come dotted with sconces that shine bright, utterly flawless beams of light onto neat wooden rows (and rows, and rows) of designer clothes. Colour coordinated, of course. First come the all black YSL numbers, followed by the beige tops from Yeezy, leading to the pastel formals from Elan, and multicoloured lawn pieces by Sana Safinaz. In the closet of our dreams, we own every designer item there is: enough smooth leather bags to drown in, and stilettos for days! Unfortunately, that’s just the problem as well. It’s only our closet when we dream. We have to burst our own bubble sometimes. The closest we get to seeing the outfits from our wish list come to life is when celebrities wear them out. They’re walking vision boards for us, basically. We might not be able to afford an all designer wardrobe just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t replicate their high fashion style on a budget. Scroll down for the 8 styled up pieces celebrities make look expensive — but actually aren’t. 

1. Urwa Hocane 

Top: Amirah Haroon

Pants: Amirah Haroon

2. Sadaf Kanwal

Jacket: Topshop

Pants: Topshop

Top: Topshop

3. Mawra Hocane

Top: Rheason

Pants: Rheason

Shoes: Steve Madden

4. Amna Babar

Top: Style Berri

5. Mahira Khan

Jumpsuit: Lavish Alice

6. Sajal Aly

Dress: Icon Clothing

7. Momal Sheikh

Top: Sara & Sehar

8. Ayesha Omar

Kurta: Generation

Pants: Generation

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