8 Expensive-Looking Outfits Under Rs9,000

Spending tons of money on a dress you might only wear once doesn’t sound too thrilling. But spending just a little on a piece that looks expensive? Now we’re talking. Ideas Pret’s current selection is exactly what the doctor ordered for those of you who like to keep it budget-friendly but don’t want to compromise on style. So browse through, because we’ve gathered the 8 most expensive-looking Eid outfits at Ideas Pret in an effort to save you both time and money. Buy and wear the items ahead, and we promise people won’t believe you bought them at our favourite high-street retailer.

Keep It Cool

Start Eid on a high note in this delicately embroidered number. It’s perfect for a festive lunch – plus we can already think of 100 other places you can wear this. Can’t you?

The Bold And The Beautiful

If pastels aren’t your thing, we suggest you go for this one. The red pants and beige shirt combo will ensure you’re the trendiest girl in the room and the modern style of the silhouette will keep you comfortable – even if it’s boiling outside.

Meet Your New Closet Staple

We say this because nothing is greater, more comfortable or more timeless than a white kurta! The fine details on this outfit makes it glamorous enough to wear on Eid, but believe us when we say, there is no place you can’t wear this.

A Diva In Denim

One of the hardest parts of summer is saying goodbye to our denim staples until the weather cools down. So naturally, you can imagine our excitement when we discovered this trendy denim kurta – it’s cool enough to wear on Eid, and every day after that.

In The Lawn Light

If your Eid lunch is a simpler affair, this is the outfit you need! It’s cool, casual but eye-catching enough to make sure you get all the compliments you deserve. Plus let’s be real, it’s unbearably hot, and there’s nothing more comfortable than lawn at a time like this.

All White Is Always Right

If you haven’t noticed already, white is an all-time favourite of everyone at Mashion HQ. And if you’re looking for something that’ll you’ll still be able to fall back on years from now – you definitely can’t go wrong with this.

Pretty Pastels Please

The subtle details in this mint green number makes this the perfect outfit for day two or three of Eid. You know, when surprise visitors show up on your doorstep and you only have 10 minutes to look presentable.

Black Is The New Black

This all-black fusion outfit is perfect for your Eid dinner – really, it’ll look good on anyone and everyone. How can we be so sure? Because black flatters every body type and so does this jacket-style silhouette. And that’s just facts.

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