8 Celebrities And The Workouts They Swear By

Toned legs, washboard abs, and lean muscles, ever wonder how celebrities have the most perfect physique? While genetics can play a large role, their fitness routines are equally as significant in sculpting them into shape. Initially, going to the gym may seem daunting, but when you find a workout that suits you, you’ll be hooked. Let your favourite celebrities inspire you – who knows, their favourite workout moves may work for you too!

Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane puts in a lot of hard work into her slender figure. The top actor’s strenuous workout routine consists of a number of exercises. Variety is key for Mawra, and she’s not afraid to try everything from lifting heavy weights, Cross Fit cardio, hamstrings and quads exercises, boxing, and pilates. She loves to stay active and that may just be the secret to her enviable body.

Faryal Makhdoom

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Faryal Makhdoom has a seriously toned figure. Faryal’s healthy lifestyle isn’t just limited to the gym. She’s also a big believer in eating clean. To complement her diet, the YouTube beauty guru incorporates a lot of body weight exercises and cardio into her routine. She finds squats and lunges very effective, but she has said her favourite method of working out is lifting weights.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat can inspire anyone to workout – not just because she regularly gives us peaks of her inspiring workout routine via Instagram, but also because, well have you seen her body? The actor is a self-proclaimed foodie but burns those extra calories off with intense exercise. To build stamina, Mehwish opts for cardio in the form of running. She is also a fan of pilates, which she enjoys practising on the reformer. She’s constantly finding creative ways to stay fit like planking in a park, meditating and indulging in other physical activities. What can we say, a body like that doesn’t come easy.

Syra Shahroz

Syra Shahroz is a regular at the gym and her Instagram proves just that. She keeps her muscles strong by weight training but her favourite workout is definitely pilates. The gorgeous actor loves to keep her core game strong with various pilates moves which have kept her lean and strong, even after having an adorable little girl – every mother’s dream, we know.

Humaima Malick

Humaima Malick had to put on a few pounds for her upcoming film Maula Jutt. But the acclaimed actor is shedding it all off by going hard at the gym. To get back in shape, the Bol actor indulges in a strenuous workout session, which comprises squats, as well as various pilates on the bodhi and core integrative moves on the reformer.

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Sana Javed

When thinking about an enviable figure, Sana Javed tops the list. The actor is a total fitness junkie, and always workouts out with consistency – yes, this is going to be a tough act to follow. Sana is also an avid fan of pilates and when she goes into the studio, she absolutely loves toning exercises on the reformer.

Ayesha Omar

A major part of Ayesha Omar’s svelte figure comes from her healthy and clean diet, but exercise also plays a key role in making her look this fabulous. Her fitness regime consists of lightweight workouts and some cardio. Ayesha enjoys spinning, as well as exercises such as push-ups, squats and planks – and this combination clearly leads to her near perfect figure.

Sanam Saeed

Oh-so tall and super lean, Sanam Saeed’s figure is what every girl dreams of. But Sanam doesn’t play around when it comes to her workouts, the actor takes her fitness regime very seriously – and it shows. Not one for run-of-the-mill exercises, Sanam’s workout routine consists of aerial suspension yoga, pilates reformer as well as other core exercises.

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