8 Amna Babar Dubsmash Videos To Brighten Up Your Day

Amo B β€” better known as Amna Baber, the statuesque full time model, part time Dubsmash queen. Her power walk on the runway and killer poses always leave us transfixed, but her talents go way beyond the perfect frames she shoots. She’s got the acting chops to rival any star, and the comedic timing of a professional! The model never fails to keep us entertained with her hilarious Dubsmash videos, reenacting famous scenes and dialogues in a fresh way. We’ve rounded up our top 8 β€” get ready to binge through the videos below!

1. King Khan Who?

2. We Dare You To Try Talking This Fast

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3. Humility Is Key

4. Old Is Gold!

5. Dubsmash All Day, Every Day

6. Anything Can Be A Prop If You Try Hard Enough

7. Always The Star, Never The Supporting Actress

8. Make A Statement

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