7 Ways To Build The Perfect Workspace At Home

Working from home may have some pitfalls, but the perks outnumber the cons. Sleeping in, no strict dress code and spending more time with family. But the best part is that you can design your own workspace. Apart from sticking a few photos on a desk, there’s little one can do to make their office more comfortable and visually appealing. But at home you can play around with design as much as you want. Having a home office may seem unnecessary, but let’s be honest — no one can get any work done slouching on a couch with a laptop. Having a workspace at home will motivate you to work on time and efficiently. If you’re planning to build a home office but aren’t sure how to do it, you’re at the right place. Read on for tips and hacks on creating a Pinterest-worthy workspace at home.

Let Light In

First and foremost, pick the right spot for your office. By ‘right spot’ we don’t mean a dark and isolated corner of your house, but one where you can enjoy some natural light. The ideal place to set up an office is in front of a large window. This will not only allow light to reach in but the view will help get the creative juices flowing whenever you experience a creative block.

Invest In A Comfy Chair

A lot of people dread sitting in their office for hours and, most of time, it’s the office chair to blame. One late sitting can give you a week’s worth of back pain. Since you have the freedom to choose the furniture at home according to your preferences, choose smartly. You’ll be spending most of your day on this chair, so don’t hesitate in investing in a good quality, comfy chair. Trust us, it’ll be worth every dime.

Add Greenery

A workspace may not have much room for lavish decorations, but no place is too small for some plants. Plants not only create a better aesthetic, but are also proven to relieve stress, boost productivity and increase overall positivity. These reasons should be enough to convince you to bring some greenery into your workspace.

Add Colour

Remember, this isn’t your typical office so it shouldn’t look like one. Stray away from the monochromatic themes of corporate offices and add an element of chicness by incorporating bright colours into your workspace. Cheery colours like yellow, green, orange or light pink can instantly perk up the place as well as your mood, whenever you feel sluggish or stressed from work.

Get Creative With Decoration

Decorating your desk with family photos is great, but the options are endless so why stop there? Fill your office with exciting and vibrant things. Add a painting that speaks to you, keep a mini toy or hang motivational or funny quotes to energise your space and make inspire you.

Keep It Fuss Free

The more the mess, the more hindrance in your work. Papers scattered here and there, cluster of wires and piles of files — this is a common sight at every office. When setting up your home office, keep it as minimal as you can. Instead of collecting tons of paper, make notes on your phone or computer, plug everything in a single power strip and get a cute basket to keep all the files and papers.

Get Smart With Storage

More storage space doesn’t mean you congest the room with huge cupboards and filing cabinets. Instead, go for multi-functional furniture. Get a desk that has maximum drawers and a shelf with multiple sections. Opt for wall storage such as shelves and magazine racks as they take less space and can store more stuff.

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