7 Ways To Ace Tonal Dressing This Season

Tonal dressing has been ruling the fashion scene since forever. For those who don’t know, it refers to a style technique, which allows you to wear and pair the same or multiple shades of a single colour at once. While some consider pairing the same colours a fashion faux pas, others think of it as a style only the pros can pull off. The latter assumption may be somewhat true as tonal dressing is quite tricky to rock, but it’s not impossible. If tonal dressing has been on your mind lately, here are seven ways you can ace it.

1. Play With Textures

If not done smartly, tonal dressing can easily appear monotonous. The key to keeping it visually interesting is by playing around different textures. Different fabrics will add different dimensions to the outfit. Try pairing cotton pants with a mohair sweater or a silky skirt with faux fur.

2. Mix Varying Shades Of Same Colour

Similarly, like textures, mixing and matching various tints of the same colour can also brighten up a one-dimensional outfit. For instance, a head-to-toe lilac outfit can be broken up with hues like violet and purple as they belong to the same colour family. You can also experiment around an all-brown look by pairing it with shades like beige and camel.

3. Accessorise

No fashion-forward look is ever complete without an added spice of accessories. If tonal dressing seems too daring to you, break it up with contrasting coloured accessories. A bag, belt or shoes that stand out, when paired with your one-toned dress, can greatly lighten up the overall look.

4. Experiment With Layering

Layers, lengths, cuts and shapes are all capable to spruce up a monotone outfit. Wear a sweater over a dress, keep the back of a shirt longer than the front or pair loose pants with tunics. Just don’t hesitate in layering and combining different cuts or lengths with each other as this trick works wonders when dressing tonally.

5. Incorporate Neutrals

Even when dressing in one tone, there’s still space for neutrals to work their magic. Subtle neutral colours which don’t outshine the outfit can be paired to add larger elegance to the monochromatic look. A white tee, grey scarf or camel jacket are some favourite options to choose from.

6. Add Prints

Who said tonal dressing cannot be fun? A surprise print can quirk up a tonal outfit to a great extent. Adding prints adds an element of casual dressing, but make sure to stick to similar colours. A cheetah printed top with brown pants, a black and white striped top with black pants and other such combos make for a well put-together look.

7. Give A Metallic Touch

When it comes to breaking a monotone look, metallics never fail to impress us. Whether in the form of clothing or accessories, you can always pick a metallic piece to take your tonal dressing up a notch. Think beige and gold, brown and bronze or grey and silver — the ideal combos for a stunning shiny look.

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