7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Haircut

Getting a haircut can be a really daunting task, especially when you’ve been trying to grow your tresses with such care for a long time. But haircuts aren’t just reserved for those days when you suddenly decide you want a change. Turns out, getting a haircut regularly will actually help your hair grow, along with many other benefits! And sometimes your hair just needs a good trim to look fresh and healthy. Here are some clear signs you’re due for a haircut. We promise it’ll grow back!

1. The Split Ends Are Back

One of the first signs your hair shows when it’s ready for a haircut is when those dreaded split ends show up. Split ends aren’t difficult to spot. If the ends of your hair seem dry, frail and frayed, you know what to do. Just don’t spend hours pulling them apart (like we do sometimes) and go get a haircut. It’s the only way to get rid of them.

2. Your Hair Lacks Volume

If your hair is feeling rather flat and lacklustre, and no amount of product seems to bring the volume back, it can only mean one thing – haircut time! When your hair grows out for too long without any touch ups, it can feel weighed down. Regular trims will keep your hair bouncy and shiny.

3. It Takes Hours To Untangle Knots

When even your most trusted comb and leave-in conditioner fail to untangle those stubborn knots, it’s time to cut those tresses. Knots are a result of dry, damaged hair and the more you ignore them, the more breakage they’ll cause. So it’s better to rip the band-aid and chop them off!

4. There’s No Proper Shape

The shape of your hair says a lot about how healthy or unhealthy it is. And nothing’s worse than when a gorgeous haircut starts turning into a hot mess. So if your perfect V-shaped hair has turned into a triangle, it’s time to see a hairdresser.

5. You’re Having More Bad Hair Days Than Good Ones

Do you miss the days when you were posting a #goodhairday selfies all the time? If your good hair days have been replaced by frequent bad ones, not to worry! It happens to the best us. All it means is that a haircut is calling your name. So go and get those good hair day vibes!

6. You’ve Stopped Letting Your Hair Down

If you find yourself tying your hair in a ponytail or tossing it up in a messy bun every other day, it might mean you don’t like your hair open anymore. Whether it’s because it’s too lifeless to look attractive or you’re unable to manage it — the only solution is to get a fresh, new haircut.

7. No Hairstyle Is Working Wonders

You don’t always have to wait for your hair to show signs of damage to get a haircut. If you’re bored of the same, old look or just feel that no hairstyle is complementing your face, a quick hair update can be your saviour. A new haircut will freshen up your look in no time.

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