7 Styling Lessons We Learnt From Mavi Kayani

Styling isn’t just picking an outfit, matching it with a pair of shoes and calling it a day! It’s much more intricate than that. Styling requires a deep dive into the latest trends, the right cuts, complementary colours and many other elements. Those swoon-worthy celebrity looks we’re constantly gushing over are often a result of a stylist’s hard work. One such stylist, who’s worked with the bigwigs of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Mavi Kayani, was at the Mashion HQ this week. We made the most of this opportunity and asked her all our readers’ fashion and styling queries. But no need to worry if you missed the Q&A session. We’ve got you covered below!

1. Trick To Looking Trendy

When it comes to fashion, a big misconception is that if you’re clad in branded clothes from head-to-toe, you’re doing it right. But that’s not the case. The secret of adding flair to an outfit lies in how well you carry it. If it complements your personal style and you can pull it off with ease, it’ll flatter you no matter what – branded or non-branded. Mavi believes confidence and comfort are key to rocking any outfit. She says, “Whatever you wear, you need to be confident. When you’re comfortable in an outfit, it will work. Also, when you’re not sure, stick to the basic and classic stuff.”

2. The Go-To Fashion Essentials

Fashion is all about experimenting and having fun with clothes. But there are a few basics everyone should have in their closet. From rescuing you on those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days to instantly creating a hip look, fashion essentials can do it all. According to our expert, the staple pieces every fashionista must have are: a white and black t-shirt, a white, black or grey tank top, blue jeans and a white or black shalwar kameez. “These pieces are always in and will always look cool.”

3. Styling Tips For Shalwar Kameez

Gone are the days when the two or three shalwar kameez you owned stayed at the back of your closet. Although this classic outfit never really went out of fashion, it’s making a comeback in the fashion scene like never before. From celebs to our favourite ‘it’ girls, everyone loves the revival of our national dress in its raw form. Mavi agrees, saying that the shalwar kameez is a beautiful dress and one has many options to play around it. To perfectly style this old-school garment, she shares the following tips: Pair it with nice jewellery, put on some bangles, wear colourful khussas, drape a dupatta or style it with different accessories.

4. Styling Secret Of Elongating Your Legs

We’re all for embracing one’s height. But we’ve all donned our favourite pair of heels to add just a little bit more height to our frame. What if we told you you could look taller without putting on those painful heels? All you need are some smart styling hacks. Certain cuts and prints can create an illusion of longer legs and make you appear slightly taller than your actual height. According to Mavi, “You can wear boot-cut jeans or striped pants; these make you look taller. If you want to wear shalwar kameez, opt for a shorter kameez, either to your knees or just below them.”

5. Accessorising — The Ultimate Styling Hack

A look without accessories is like a Bollywood movie without dance numbers — dull and boring. If you know the art of accessorising, you can never go wrong, no matter the look. If you struggle with choosing the most fashionable outfits, you can always make up for it with the right accessories. Our expert swears by them! She says, “You can jazz up any look you want with just the right pair of accessories. If you want to be more funky, put on big earrings, add something to your hair, wear rings — you can do anything with accessories!”

6. Trendiest Colours And Prints Of The Season

Spring and summer trends are majorly based on colours and prints. Last year was all about pastels but this year, an array of new shades have made their grand entry. To stay on trend Mavi suggests wearing shades of purple, lavender, mustard and gold — the year’s top hues. When it comes to prints, animal prints are all the rage according to her.

7. Right Way To Pull Off A Saree

saree is one of the most elegant ensembles out there. And it’s more than just a party option! With cotton sarees paving their way into Pakistan’s mainstream fashion scene, it’s safe to say that this graceful piece of clothing has become a must-wear for every fashionista. But a saree can only look good if it’s been styled well and this is where many fail. Our expert shares the essentials of perfectly pulling-off and looking live a diva in a saree: A well-fitted blouse, the right amount of drapes in the front and high heels!

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