7 Step Guide To Perfect A Gorgeous Dark Pout

Nothing oozes melodrama like a flawless, dark lipstick. From rich burgundies to bold browns, dark lip colours have the power to instantly glam up and add allure to any look. If we start listing all the ways we love to rock a dark lipstick, we probably wonโ€™t stop! But thereโ€™s nothing stopping us from giving you a step-by-step guide to achieve that perfect pout! Now you can rock this flattering trend with no fear. Scroll down for our tips!

1. Choose The Right Shade

The first step to flaunting a dark lip is to picking the right colour. Not all dark shades have the same undertones, even if theyโ€™re in the same colour family, and no one shade will work on every skin tone. Dark colour with pink undertones will suit lighter skin tones, while darker complexion works well with lipsticks with brown undertones.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips

Before you swipe on your favourite lipstick, make sure your lips are prepped and primes. Exfoliated and moisturised lips make for a smooth application surface and allow the colour to last longer. Applying dark lipstick on dry, chapped lips is never a good idea โ€” the colour can crack and flake off and it looks nasty. Thatโ€™s notย the look weโ€™re going for!

3. Use A Lip Liner

A dark pout wonโ€™t look neat enough unless itโ€™s been outlined by a lip liner. Before filling the lips, line your lips with a liner in shade similar to the lipstick. The lip liner will hold the colour in place and keep it from bleeding out and smudging.

4. Get A Lip Brush

Thereโ€™s one cardinal rule to remember when applying a bold lipstick: neverย apply it directly from the tube! Opt for a small, angled lip brush. Because dark colours can easily get messy, using a brush will give you control over the application, ensure precise edges and make the process much simpler.

5. Skip The Gloss

While lip-gloss is making a big comeback, it just takes away from the drama of a dark pout! Gloss can also add a messy touch to your otherwise matte lipstick and cause the colour to feather into your skin. However, if you do want to add some shimmer, apply some loose highlighter to the middle of your lips and blend outwards. Itโ€™ll give a great three-dimensional effect!

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6. Swipe Multiple Coats

When it comes to dark lipstick, you just cannot compromise on coverage. If not applied perfectly, it can appear uneven and blotchy. Choose a full coverage lipstick and use as many coats as you need to get that flawless, creaseless look. If the edges still appear messy, pull out a concealer and clean them up with an angled brush for a polished finish.

7. Match It With Rest Of The Makeup

To make your pout standout, donโ€™t forget to pair it with the right kind of makeup. Weโ€™re not ones to dictate what your makeup look should be, but if you want your lips to be the focal point, keep the rest of makeup a little subtler than the lip. We personally love pairing dark lips with a wing liner and full lashes but hey, itโ€™s a free world. You do you!

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