7 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Have Stronger Relationships

Travelling is a fresh experience whether you do it alone, with family, or friends. Each dynamic is different! But you always learn something new about yourself  — travelling alone can help you find yourself, and travelling with your partner allows you to find each other. You shock the senses by putting yourselves in a brand new place, and learn to adapt together, creating new memories that you don’t share with anyone else. Couples that travel together are closer — book tickets to an unknown destination once a year! Travelling isn’t just a novelty, it’s a necessity. Read our reasons below.

1. You Accept Each Other

Travelling puts you outside your comfort zone — literally. Normally, people want to put their best foot forward, especially when they’re around their significant others. Travelling quickly rips that bandaid off. You don’t just discover a new place, but you also discover new things about each other. Outside of a controlled environment, may come across many of their strengths and weaknesses. Seeing each other react to situations by getting anxious, angry, exhausted, or sad brings something new out of both members. You step up to take care of each other, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It adds layers to a growing relationship. 

2. Breaks Communication Barriers

Every couple sometimes struggles to communicate with each other about certain things. Travelling breaks down those walls by putting you in close quarters! A survey conducted in the US found that couples who travel together tended to agree with each other more, and have fewer disagreements than couples who didn’t travel together. They also reported that they are less likely to say they wish their partner did a better job at sharing his or her feelings.

3. Teaches You To Work As A Unit

Immersing yourself in a foreign culture is exciting, but the actual process of travelling isn’t all sunshine and daisies. It comes with unexpected challenges. Sticking to a budget, or navigating the unfamiliar routes of a new city forces couples to start thinking and working as a unit. The ‘us against the world’ mentality tends to stick, coming home with you as well.

4. You Learn To Enjoy Each Others Company

A vacation strengthens your relationship in ways that you wouldn’t ever be able to at home, busy in your daily routine together. Being each others sole source of entertainment, safety, trust, and comfort means you get to really focus on what you love about each other. If you’re feeling like you’ve fallen into a rut with your partner, suggest going on holiday together and see if you can rekindle the spark.

5. You Become More Forgiving

Travelling together makes space for all sorts of blunders and flaws. There’s no point denying it —- every couple has little pet peeves that they hate about each other. When you’re stressed out in a faraway country, these qualities can feel amplified. There’s really no sense in getting angry though. You’ve got to push through and prioritise the experiences you want to have. This makes you patient, and more understanding. You learn to overlook their mistakes even once you return to your normal life. 

6. Living In The Moment

Travellers are known for living in the present. While most couples are always worried and planning for the future, those who often travel in each others company focus more on cherishing every moment. They never get the chance to over analyse a situation, because the scenery around them is always changing. They value the present over anything else.

7. You Make Lasting Memories

Memories are the kind of wealth that can’t be stolen. These are memories and associations you have with one person, in one place, and they’ll always make you feel nostalgic when you think about them. They’ll stand out as special moments amongst the other, more monotonous days we have at home in our routine.

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