7 Looks Bina Khan And Imaan Madani Slayed Together

The Pakistani beauty industry has always been prosperous, but Bina Khan has managed to give it something else: Imaan Madani. First appearing in Bina Khan’s make-up shoots, Imaan Madani has now become a recognisable face across Pakistan. Imaan is stunning even without makeup, but the artistry of Bina Khan has always made the young Imaan shine a notch above the rest, whether it’s for a high-fashion editorial or a traditional bridal shoot. Here are some of our favourite looks that they have created together:

5. Dark And Smoky

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It’s been a while since I have played with imaan’s face other than to give her a quick, pretty glow. But I found these shots of her in a major halo moment for some shoot or the other, can’t remember now what it was for, can’t remember when it was. I just know that make up wise, we just went for it! I know in this picture the halo looks a little uneven (its wasn’t!😜) but that’s just a trick of the light I think. Or maybe I was still tweaking and deciding which one to go with and she is checking? That’s usually how imaan and I work. There is lots of “shall I darken it? What do you think?” Lol. But here she is, my gorgeous little sister/collaborator, sizzling up the screen with that gorgeous face. #makeup by #binakhan 💕 (Book your bridal with me in the next 3 weeks and get a whopping 50% off on an evening make up with our newest artists @anaamayub and @phoolaurjugnu (her name is Sadia Ejaz, lol!) That means you can bring your mum, sister, cousin or friends along and get their faces done for just Rs. 5,000! (Includes blow dry and nail paint too!) These guys have been trained by me and have really individual style....Sadia is a @patmcgrathreal addict like me and does really cool, colourful eyes. Anaam has a smooth, soft, more neutral approach! Something for everyone! Book now or forever hold your peace! 😜 #bridal #makeup #evening #makeup #deals at #binakhan (please call the salon on 03008208640 for details, but you will need to drop in to book! Hurry, hurry, don’t say we didn’t let you know!) #eveningmakeupbybinakhan

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