7 Hairstyles You Need To Try This Wedding Season

While blow-dries will always be our hairstyling safety-blanket, trying a trendy hairstyle to add glamour to your wedding look will only make it better. Don’t believe us?  Let these stylish hairstyles convince you!

1. Messy Bun

Dubbed the perfect hairstyle for your bestie’s mehndi, a messy bun allows you to dance the night away without having to worry about frizz! To get this look, first tie your hair in a loose ponytail. Twist your all of your hair together, wrap it around in a bun and tie it again. Loosen the hair around your bun using your fingers and pull some strands out as you go along. Use some bobby pins to secure stray strands of hair in place and you’re good to go!

2. High Ponytail

The high ponytail is having an international fashion moment right now, and this raging trend can be easily emulated this wedding season. We recommend opting for this on second-day blow-dried hair that still has some volume, and using hair spray or gel to keep your strands in place from the top. The added bonus of a high pony is that it’s super easy to do and uber chic!

3. Waterfall Braid

If you’re looking for something young, fun and different, opt for a waterfall braid. To do this you’ll have to make two tiny braids on each side and then pinning them together. If you prefer to keep the rest of your hair straight, a simple blow-dry will suffice. If not, tong your hair for some beachy waves. This one is perfect for days you can’t decide whether you want your hair up or down!

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5. Sleek Bun

Wedding season can definitely take a toll on your hair with all that heat styling. Save this style for nights where you want a winning look, but don’t want your hair to suffer! A sleek bun instantly adds sophistication and glamour to any outfit and ensures you’re free of any hair woes all night long! It’s a win-win situation!

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6. Side Twist

Side twists are the best option if you’re running out of time and want to keep the frizz our of your hair. Simply section your hair out, decide on the size of twists you’d prefer and twist away! Really, it’s that simple and looks so charming with desi wedding wear.

7. Braided Ponytail

If you want your hair to make a statement, try the braided ponytail. Section out your hair and braid a small section of it then tie it with clear elastic. Tie all of your hair, including the braid into a ponytail, and then remove the clear elastic from the bottom of the braided section. It’s that simple to do and you can add oomph to it by easily tweaking it here and there! It’s a must-try this season.

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