7 Hair Mistakes You’re Making In Winter That You Need To Stop ASAP

Our hair has a love-hate relationship with the cold weather. Dryness, breakage and brittle ends are some of the many hair problems you’re likely to face during the winter season. We are all guilty of making some mistakes in our haircare routine that add to the problem. Read on to find out what you must avoid so that your hair can stay shining throughout the chilly season!

1. Going Out With Wet Hair

You’ve probably heard your mom say a hundred times – don’t go out with wet hair. She is probably concerned about you catching a cold, but there is another reason you shouldn’t be going out with wet hair. Even going out with slightly damp tresses is a terrible idea; it makes your hair stiff and causes breakage. Washing your hair the night before or drying it completely before leaving the house are the two best solutions to wet hair woes.

2. Washing Hair Daily

This can be confusing as experts haven’t able to decide the ideal frequency for washing your hair. Your hair texture also matters. Straight hair is supposedly meant to be washed every two to three days, while curly haired ladies can last without a wash up to four days. Excessive washing is likely to dehydrate your hair and make them more brittle, especially in winters. It also causes your sebaceous glands – the glands responsible for producing oil – to become overactive, making your scalp oilier than usual! 

3. Washing Hair With Hot Water

A hot shower is really not good for you. The cold weather may tempt you to raise the water temperature, but that’s the worst thing you can do to your hair. Extremely hot water severely dries out not just your hair, but your scalp and skin as well. It makes them frizzy and dull by sucking the moisture off your strands, ultimately leading to excessive breakage.

4. Skipping The Conditioning

Cold weather calls for extra hair hydration. Conditioning your locks frequently will keep it smooth, nourished and frizz-free! Conditioners, serums, essential oils and leave-in treatments are all things to add into your winter haircare routine! 

5. Exposing Hair To Extreme Temperatures

Be it straightening your hair or stepping out bareheaded in extremely chilly weather, any type of extreme temperature can badly damage your hair follicles. To avoid damage caused by temperature, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel after taking a shower. To protect it from the cold winds, never forget to cover your hair when stepping out.

6. Using Alcohol-Based Products

The trickiest, but most essential step to take care of your hair in winter, is to keep it moisturised. To achieve this goal, you must say no to alcohol-based products.  Products like hairsprays, heat protectant sprays and salt sprays are in huge demand during the cool winter days, but they should be avoided. The alcohol they contain is likely to dry up your hair by stripping off oils!

7. Wearing The Wrong Material On Your Head

Hats, beanies and scarfs are obviously the go-to accessories during winter, but these can damage your hair. Most of them are made from heavy fabrics like wool and cotton which cause tangles in the hair, making them break and fall off. But opting for cashmere, silk or tight knit fabrics keeps your head warm, while also keeping your hair safe from breakage! 

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