7 Body Care Must Haves For The Winter Season

Winters are here in full force and we couldn’t be happier! Days at the beach, basking in the winter sun and nighttime barbecues are what we look forward to all year – can you tell we’re mostly Karachites here at Mashion HQ? But no matter where you live or which winter activities you relish in, there’s one thing that’s for sure: the winter season can wreak havoc on our body and skin. That’s why here is our list of 7 body care items you need to enjoy the winter months without any worries!

1. A Refreshing Exfoliator

Exfoliation is a step everyone should have in their skincare routine – face or body. But it’s especially important in the winters! The winter cold dehydrates and dries your skin cells, which need to be buffed away so your skin can feel fresh and brand new. Our top pick for just this is the Eucalyptus scrub from SKO. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant and antiseptic, making sure this natural exfoliant keeps your skin healthy and glowing!

2. A Relaxing Massage Oil

It’s no surprise that all of us having been feeling stressed – this whole year has been a whirlwind that still isn’t slowing down. But to make sure you make sometime for yourself, we recommend a relaxing massage using The Body Shop’s lavender massage oil. With this you can soothe your mind and soul and get transported to serenity – just what the doctor ordered!

3. A Comforting Balm

While we personally love the winter air, it definitely comes with its fair share of aches and pains. This Spa Ceylon Relieving Balm is just what you need to get a dose of comfort! It’s all natural, ayurveda balm and the fresh scents of peppermint, bergamot and eucalyptus are sure get rid of any fatigue and reawaken your mind. Add to cart!

4. A Hydrating Hand Cream

With the increased sanitizing and hand-washing we’ve been doing in 2020 thanks to this pandemic, our hands have definitely taken a toll. You are not alone if your hands have become dry, sensitive and flaky. But we have the solution! L’Occitane’s hand cream is a cult favourite and for a very good reason. The shea butter will keep your hand soft and smooth and it’s the perfect size to carry in your bag, right next to the sanitizer. Dry hands no more!

5. A Soothing Body Butter

Everyone knows that hydration is key in the winter. In fact, hydration is key always! So make sure you’re keeping yourself plenty hydrated throughout. Drink plenty of water, mositurise regularly, deep condition your hair and use a luxe body butter all over your skin! Our favourite is Yellow Berry’s Rosemary and Peppermint one. It’s rich, super moisturising and the scent is heavenly. This is a must-have for winter!

6. A Pain Relieving Ointment

Let’s be real – a frozen shoulder or a muscle spasm is incredibly common in the winter. Getting out of a cozy and warm bed on a winter morning is already difficult enough without the added pain of sore muscles. And that’s why Deep Freeze is our winter friend for life! We’re pretty sure this is a household staple, but if not, get it ASAP!

7. A Luxurious Body Scrub

There’s nothing like getting into a hot bath on a chilly winter’s day – it completely rejuvenates you. So why not accompany that bath with some good scrubbing! The Scrub Rose body polish from Salina Cosmetics is guaranteed to make your skin feel supple and nourished. The rose essential oils will hydrate your skin and the Himalayan pink salt will gently exfoliate, leaving you feeling squeaky clean and ready for the rest of the day. Bath time just got so much more fun!

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