6 Virtual Ramadan Bootcamps To Get You Lean And Fit This Month

Ramadan is here and along with praying, it also means a lot of late nights, binge eating and lazy mornings. It’s easy to fall into an inactive routine during this month, but if we want to look and feel our best for Eid, we need to sweat it out and be productive. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Ramadan bootcamps for you to register for this month! Due to the current lockdown, these are all online with classes through zoom, so you can safely workout in the comfort of your home. Scroll down to choose which bootcamp is the perfect fit for you:

1. Pilates Lab

We all know about Pilates Lab as the coolest gym on the block, and while you might not be able to work out at the actual gym right now, you can work out with their cool trainers virtually. They have a Ramadan bootcamp from 4:45-5:30PM on zoom and it includes everything from HIIT, to Mat Pilates and even Yoga. All you have to do is register!

Charges: RS. 10,000

Frequency: Monday-Friday

Timings: 4:45-5:30pm

Check out their page for more details!

2. Studio X

Studio X is renowned for its nutrition plans, amazing trainers and kickass bootcamps. Trainers Jeannette and Natasha are holding pre and post Iftar bootcamps this Ramadan via zoom so there is literally no excuse to not work out anymore; you can choose the bootcamp time that works for you. P.S. meal plan is included!

Charges: RS. 10,000

Frequency: Monday-Friday

Timings: 5:15-6pm (pre Iftar) and 8-8:45pm (post Itfar)

Check out their page for more details!

3. MUV

MUV is the perfect place for anyone who is passionate about their weight loss and weight training journey. Join their trainer, Nadia, this Ramadan for a jam-packed sweat session 5 days a week!

Charges: RS. 7000

Frequency: Monday-Friday

Timings: Not specified

Check out their page for more details!

4. Spartan Fitness

A pioneer in its field, Spartan, is also having a virtual bootcamp through zoom this Ramadan to tone up those muscles!

Charges: Rs. 10,000


Timings: 5:30-6:30PM

Check out their page for more details!

5. FZM

If you haven’t heard of FZM…where are you living?! They are known for their amazing transformations and the personalised help they provide to each of their clients. Their Ramadan bootcamp is no less and includes a 30 page “FZM Ramadan Nutrition Plan” e-book, 27 professionally shot videos that will be available for 72 hours and two individualised wellness and nutrition consults with their senior trainers! Seriously, what’s stopping you from registering for this and joining the FZM Amazon family?

Charges: Rs. 12,000

Frequency: 4 weeks

Timings: Work outs can be done at the most convenient time for you, but before the 72 hour time frame is up!

Check out their page for more details!

6. Iron Box

Iron Box in Lahore is one of the most talked about gyms in town and their Ramadan bootcap is truly planned out keeping your needs in mind. They have trainers holding classes from 5:30pm to 9:30 pm so you can choose the time, trainer or your comfort level in terms of mixed or ladies only classes!

Charges: Rs. 7000/

Frequency: 4-5 days a week

Timings: Whichever time slot you choose

Check out their page for more details!

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WORKOUT ONLINE THIS RAMAZAN‼️‼️ IRONBOX is now offering Virtual RAMAZAN BOOTCAMP & Distanced-Online Personal Training!* Our first session will begin next Monday, 27th April*. It will be a *4 week program targeting fat-loss through cardiovascular conditioning and strength training.* Let’s fight the test of times by staying active and resilient during this tough times! BOOTCAMP SCHEDULE 5:30 pm (Mix) Sameer Malik 5.30 pm (Mix) Omer Saeed 7:45pm (Mix) Sameer Malik 8pm (Ladies Only) Komal Ali & Mahnoor Wali 8pm (Mix) Omer Saeed 8:30pm (Mix) Ammad Mir 9:30pm (Mix) Omar Aziz & Saad Mir Class Duration: 1 Hour Charges: Rs. 7000/- (online transfers only) Program Duration:* 4 week (4/5 days a week) *Family/Couple Package:* Rs. 12000/- (for 2 people in the same window) Slots: Each slot will have a maximum of 12 people and a minimum of 5 accommodated on first come first served basis! Personal Training Program This program will provide you a detailed customised training program along with nutritional guidance. A trainer will be appointed to you who will be in a available for communication with you via phone during a designated time period. Charges: 10,000 (online transfers only) *Program Duration: 4 week from the date of payment* How to register: Whatever program or slot you choose Kindly send us your name, contact number and the program/slot you want to be enrolled in. Once you have done that, kindly wait for our management to get in touch with you. Registration deadline: 12pm, 26th April (Sunday)

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