6 Unique Ways To Make Your Father Feel Special

From gifting us dolls on every birthday to getting us the coolest new phones, there’s one person who’s always been taking care of all our demands — our fathers. Dads have a truly special relationship with their daughters; they love to spoil us and always want to protect us. But the best thing about them is that they’re usually fuss-free. They never expect you to do anything grand for them, even though they deserve the world. But you don’t always need an occasion to celebrate them and all that they do for you. Here are seven out-of-the-box ways you can make your dad feel special any day of the year!

1. Treat Him To A Nice Meal

Whether you’re struggling to save some money or doing extremely well in your career, when out for a family dinner, the bill always ends up on dad. As unfair as it may be, we never really want to feel all grown up around him. But sometimes it’s nice to turn the tables around and treat him to a fancy meal! Take him to out his favourite restaurant and enjoy a perfect daddy-daughter date and spend some quality time with him.

2. Play His Favourite Sport

Dads all around the world love sports – it’s an unwritten rule! But what they love even more is someone to share that sport mania with. Indulge in your father’s wishes, take him on a trip down memory lane and play his favourite sport with him! Whether it’s spending a day on the golf course or just playing some cricket in the garden, it’ll truly make his year! And if one of you can’t play the sport, just watch it with him instead and support his team – even that’ll go a long way in making him happy.

3. Book Him A Spa Day

In case you didn’t know this already, let us tell you: men need spa days as well! And your father deserves it more than anyone, given the amount of work he does all year round. Give him a relaxing and soothing spa day to relax his tired muscles and calm his super-stressed mind with this ultimate gesture.

4. Wash His Car

There’s this ultimate joy and satisfaction that we get when our bedroom is cleaned. Imagine your dad having the same feeling if you wash his car or bike. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it a sure shot way to make it into your dad’s heart. Dad’s love it when you take care of their belongings like they’re your own. Try washing his car once in a while and thank us later!

5. Let Him Have The TV Remote

Let’s be honest — remote fights are a common occurrence in every household. Mom wants to watch her dramas and dad wants to watch either news or sports. And most of the time, moms end up winning but once in a while, let your dad have the remote too! He should also get to enjoy his quality time with the TV. There’s no other way to make him feel like the most important person in the world, because it’s these little things that matter!

6. Let Him Enjoy A Day Off

Our dads are constantly working and even Sunday’s are full of running errands and fixing things around the house. Instead, let your dad enjoy some time to relax and take a day off without having to worry about anything! Tell him to chill at home while you step out to run errands and take up his work – he’ll really appreciate it the peace and quiet!

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