6 Things We Absolutely Love About Ayesha Omar

There really is so much to love about Ayesha Omar. On her birthday, we’re sharing a few things, we at Mashion adore her for – and trust us, there is so much to learn from this sought-after actor!

She Cares For Animals

Ayesha is undoubtedly an animal lover. When she’s not cuddling with her adorable dog, you can find her volunteering at organisations such as Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation, raising awareness and taking care of animals in need.

She Raises Her Voice For Social Awareness

Ayesha has always used her celebrity status for the right reasons. Be it fighting to seek justice for sexual abuse victims, spreading awareness about climate change or speaking up about mental illness – she’s not one to keep mum about issues she feels strongly about. This is one quality we truly admire!

She Is Multitalented

Ayesha won hearts across the country for her performance in her debut film Karachi Se Lahore but acting isn’t the only thing she excels at! She’s also an exceptional singer, painter and host. In fact, her album Khamoshi got an official nod when she won the Lux Style Award for Best Album. Ayesha also hosted Pepsi Battle Of The Bands, for which she was widely appreciated – not only for upping the style quotient but also for entertaining audiences. Whoever says you can’t do it all – take note from Ayesha!

She Values Her Fans

Even with millions of fans around the world, Ayesha has managed to stay down to earth and humble – something we can all see from the way she interacts with her fans. She always makes it a point to take time out from her busy schedule to talk to her well-wishers. The lesson to learn from her: always be kind and gracious – no matter how successful you are.

She’s A Style Icon

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention Ayesha’s style sense. She is a true style icon – and the world knows it. Having bagged several style awards, it’s safe to say Ayesha can teach us a lesson or two when it comes to fashion. Whether it’s a casual lunch look or a glamorous night out – this girl barely ever gets it wrong.

More power to this birthday girl – we wish her all the luck and success in the world!

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