6 Things To Take Your Wedding To The Next Level

We’re fully in the midst of wedding season and as much as we love it, sometimes it just all becomes a blur. There are certain elements of a wedding that tend to repeat themselves – the same songs, the same sweets and sometimes even the same people. But Mor, your one stop shop for everything related to wedding planning, is here to make sure your special day is unique and as memorable as can be. With their array of cute gifts straight out of Pinterest, your wedding will be the one that sets the bar. Here are some of our favorites from their store. And if you can’t pick just one, get one of their wedding bundles – it’ll be worth it!

Bridal Emergency Kit

When you’re the main attraction of the wedding, you cannot afford for things to go wrong. But we don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes mishaps do happen! Well, Mor has got you covered with their handy Bridal Emergency Kit. It includes all sorts of necessities, such as sanitary napkins, makeup, body mist,  makeup wipes and even some snacks! They really have thought everything through.

Groom’s Emergency Kit

If you thought we forgot about the groom, rest easy because there’s an emergency kit just for him! It has everything he could possible need including a shoe shiner, socks, a mini hairbrush, chocolate and an energy drink – which he’ll definitely need.

Heart Puzzle Guest Book

Your guests play an important role in your wedding and what better way to commemorate them than a guest book? But Mor doesn’t have just any regular guest book. Their Heart Puzzle Guest Book is a uniquely adorable way for your guests to sign their names! And once all the pieces have been signed, they come together to make a puzzle that you can frame for yourself. It’s a great way to have a little piece of your wedding with you.

Spring Bloom Bidh Box

A bidh box is a staple at every nikkah. But if you want something new and fresh, Mor has a great selection! They have a variety of designs that’ll speak to every couple and can even be personalized to include the couples name and wedding date! Trust us, no one will want to get rid of these!

Mint Garden Tic Tac Favors

We know desi sweets are a wedding tradition but nothing adds a cute element of whimsy like tiny Nikkah favors. Mor’s Tic Tac favors are the perfect wedding giveaway – complete with customizable packaging with your name and wedding date. They have a wide array of designs to choose from and will fit perfectly in your Bidh Box!

Qabool Hai Sweet Toppers

Your wedding should be a day where you feel like shouting from the rooftops. But since you can’t always do that, let these cute ‘Qabool Hai’ toppers do the work for you! A perfect accompaniment to your nikkah, these will fit perfect on your mithai, cupcakes or chocolates – whatever your heart desires.

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