6 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Thick Hair

From being able to pull off various hairstyles to flaunting lovely layers, there’s a lot that women with thick hair should be grateful for. But nothing good comes easy and thick hair certainly has its fair share of issues – usually a result of unintended errors. If you’re someone with a head full of thick hair, here are some of the mistakes you probably need to stop making and flaunt that mane like a boss.

1. Getting The Wrong Haircut

Many women, especially those with thick hair, find it difficult to manage their hair and opt for short haircuts to keep things manageable. And that’s where they go wrong. Short hair may seem low-maintenance but actually requires more care and styling. Styling techniques, like sectioning and up-dos, become much more difficult on shorter hair. Ladies with thick locks should go for haircuts with lots of long layers. It’ll lighten your mane, making it more manageable, and give you some serious definition.

2. Using The Wrong Shampoo And Conditioner

Just like a haircut, using the wrong hair products can contribute to harming your hair.  Those with thick hair are often confused about their actual hair type and mistake it with curly or textured hair. As a result, they end up using formulas that are too thick, which weighs down the hair and makes it lifeless. Instead, use a gentle, clarifying shampoo and light conditioner to keep your hair voluminous and shiny.

3. Overuse Products

Whether it’s serums, styling creams, hair sprays or hair mousse, using an overload of products is never a good idea. But it’s even worse with thick hair! They might make your hair look flawless and manageable for a short time, but are really damaging in the long run. They can cause build-up around your scalp and dry out your hair over time.

4. Getting It Chemically Straightened

It’s pretty common for those with thick hair to get them chemically straightened in the hopes of it becoming more manageable. Take our advice and stop doing that ASAP! It will seriously damage your hair for life! Chemical treatments ruin the natural texture of your hair, leaving them unmanageable, dead and dry. So before you book a rebonding appointment with your hairstylist, have some mercy on your poor locks and let them breathe freely.

5. Ignoring Regular Trims

Trimming your hair may seem like a nightmare when you’re growing your hair out, but if you have thick hair, it’s your best option. Not going for regular trims will add bulk to your hair, which can take away their shine and smoothness. To keep your hair healthy, shiny and tameable, get your hair regularly trimmed, at least every six to eight weeks.

6. Going For Tight Hairstyles

Whether for the sake of style or convenience, pulled back and tight hairstyles are a big no for thick hair. Doing this puts all the tension on your hair follicles, which can lead to severe hair loss and leave your naturally thick hair damaged for a very long time. Opt for looser hairstyles and if you need to tie your hair, opt for a low ponytail that doesn’t pull all your hair back tightly.

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