6 Hues Every Fashion Girl Will Be Wearing This Summer

Every Spring/Summer spring brings with it an array of colours. These colours rule not just the catwalk but also the trendy streets of every fashionable city you can think of. If you’re looking to experiment with the ‘it’ hues of the season, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover how you can nail all your summer looks with the coolest shades on the colour wheel.


If you’ve been following the fashion scene then you know the Pantone Colour of 2019 is ‘Living Coral’. What does this mean? Coral is the ultimate colour to wear throughout the year, but our guess is, you’ll see a lot more of it this season. And if you’re looking for proof, refer to the latest collections of every top brand and designer around the world.


Even though lavender was last year’s ‘it’ colour, we have a feeling you’re still going to be seeing a lot of it this season. Why you may ask? Because it’s the perfect, feminine shade to beat the scorching heat. This one will definitely keep you cool!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have noticed that yellow has been taking over your Instagram feeds – and for good reason. It has been declared the colour for Spring/Summer 2019. This means everything from yellow sunnies to an all yellow jumpsuit – if you’re not going all out, then you’re not doing it right.

Bright Red

No matter what season, you can never go wrong with red. But now more than ever, red is totally trending! Bright red ensembles are all the rage so update your wardrobe lots of red – this one’s a safe bet, because as we said, red is always on trend.


You can say goodbye to your denim this summer, but don’t say bye to blue just yet. The lighter shades of blue are perfect for the hot season, but if you prefer brighter shades, incorporate them through your shoes and accessories. Either way, make sure your wardrobe has enough of this cool hue.


This may not come as a surprise to you because white is the colour of the summer, every summer! There is no going wrong here – it’s classic, it’s cool and it’s always in fashion. Plus, the ‘no white after labour day’ rule doesn’t apply to us!

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