6 Easy Tricks To Fix A Broken Nail

Broken nails are the ultimate universal betrayal. After weeks of dedicated care, nurturing growth, and precise manicures… bam! — your nail breaks. It’s the kind of heartbreak no boy trouble could compare with. Weak and brittle nails are everyones enemy, and we’re coming to the front lines on the defence. Banish broken nails with these six amazing tips and get ready for your debut as a hand model — it’s coming soon!

1. The Tea Bag Method

When it comes to mending a broken nail, the tea bag method works like a charm every time. Cut a small piece off a a tea bag, carefully place it over the broken part of your nail with brush-on glue, and let it dry completely. Gently smooth out the nails surface using a buffer. Finally, apply base coat with a clear polish and follow it with the nail polish colour of your choice.

2. Dip It In Powder

This home hack is one of the most long lasting cures for broken nails out there. Start by applying nail glue to the broken part, and immediately dip that portion into nail powder. Repeat this application process a few times to create two or three layers, or even more if the crack is severe. Then lightly buff the nail smooth with a buffing block.

3. Fix It With Glue

If it’s just a minor crack and your nail is not completely broken, consider yourself very lucky! Opt for a quick fix – glue. Gently buff the surface of your nail and apply a few coats of a fast drying nail glue. After the glue dries, put on a coat of clear nail polish to hold the crack.

4. Wrap It Up

When in doubt, grab tape. Who knew this common home staple could fix a broken nail so easily. Simply cut the tape a little larger than the size of the crack, place it over the tear, and gently press it against the nail. Before applying your desired nail polish, brush on two coats of clear polish. Remember though – this is just a temporary fix. You’ll need to book an appointment with your manicurist soon.

5. Cut Them All

Worst case scenario: if the broken nail is beyond repair, the only option you’re left with is to trim all your nails down. It’s going to be hard, but better in the long run. Carefully cut around the break, and make all your nails match in length. This way you’ll only compromise the length of your nail, and not the overall manicured look.

6. Fake It

If trimming all your nails is the kind of commitment you can’t bear just yet, you could always fake it till you make it. Opt for a natural looking set of press ons or glue on nails, and wear it until your real nail grows out. After sticking them on, remove any leftover plastic sticking out and file it into the shape and length of the rest of your nails.

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