6 Celebrities Share Their Favourite Photo With Their Father

For most of us, our father’s have been the strongest pillars in our life. They’re always there to guide us and teach us wrong from right, always there to get us out of tough situations and not afraid to put us in our place when we mess up. One minute they’ll be yelling at you for coming home late and the next day they’ll be joking with you about Pakistan’s cricket team. No one can beat the relationship we all have with our Abba’s!

In honour of Father’s Day, we asked some of our favourite celebrities to share their favourite memories with their dads. They’re sure to make you gush and go “Awww!” Scroll down to browse through some adorable photos of celebrities with their dads. Oh and Happy Father’s Day!

1. Mahira Khan

“My favourite memory with my Abba is him making food for us. Not just me and my brother; we could wake him up at anytime and he would cook up something! All my friends still remember that and miss it. This picture is what defines my relationship with Abba! He’s been carrying me on his back all his life.”

2. Rehmat Ajmal

“There’s not just one memory with him. I mean I’m lucky to have spent 25 years of my life with my father. He loves cooking so once he made a very questionable aloo keema that looked nothing like aloo keema. It had practically everything (even the things you don’t expect in this dish) but I swear it tasted so good. Now it’s one of the things that are made regularly at home. I love his company!”

3. Mawra Hocane

“This is my favourite picture with him. I’ve never seen him happier or more proud of me. He’s very proud of my career but my academic achievements means everything to him. It’s so incredible how ones parent’s biggest happiness is also all about their child. It overwhelms me how selfless this relationship is. As I’m growing I am realising it more and more. May all the fathers live a long happy healthy life with their children. Happy Father’s Day!”

4. Omayr Waqar

“This is my favourite memory because I love amusement parks and my dad agreed to go with me to Port Aventura in Barcelona. He even sat with me on all the roller coasters, even though roller coasters are way out of his comfort zone.”

5. Fatima Bhutto

“In life, I was born luckiest of all to have the father I did. He was my whole family: my mother, father and best friend and it is his love that sustains me. Happy Father’s Day to the man who opened my eyes to all the joy and beauty of the world.”

6. Minaal Khan

“My father means everything to my sister Aiman and I. All his life he has loved us and protected us from the world, and our shoulder to cry on day in and day out (and still continues to be till this day). Happy Father’s Day to every father out there. You really are every little girl’s first love.”

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