6 Celeb-Approved Free Apps That’ll Make Your Instagram More Aesthetic

Before Instagram came around, when someone said filter, you would probably assume they mean the thin sheet of paper you use in your coffee machine. But it’s the age of social media and everyone wants their ‘gram to stand out. Hence you’re better off editing your photos somewhere else and then posting them for all to see! Because let’s be real, you want your Instagram to stand out from the rest, and now that anyone can zoom in on your posts, you want to be sure your photos are edited to perfection. Scroll down – it’s time for an Insta-makeover!

1. Huji Cam

This is a portable camera app that all the cool kids are using these days! You can use it to add a vintage finish to your pictures and also add a rainbow affect as done by Sajal Aly.

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2. VSCO Cam

This editing app allows you to adjust the basic elements of your photo, like the exposure or temperature, which means you can achieve a more faded look too. And once you’re done playing around with the exposure, use of the many filters to take your photo to a whole new level. Refer to Aiman Khan’s picture for proof!

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3. Inshot

This app is mainly used to add borders around a photo. But the cool thing about it is that you are also able to add other photos in the background. If you decide to download this app, try the ‘Glitch Effect’ as done by Syra Shahroz in the picture below. Bonus: you can edit your videos on Inshot too. This is what we call a win-win-win.

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4. Unfold

Use Unfold to add a retro, camera reel effect to your photos, or give your collages an upgrade, or both – like Aaminah Sheikh does in the picture below. This is a paid app, but you can find the free version of it on the app store, by the name of Story Luxe.

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5. Phonto

Use Phonto to add text on all your pictures. You can choose from a large variety of fonts and make the simplest of photos look seriously cool using this app. Example in the photo below!

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6. Afterlight

This one is MK approved (yes, Mahira Khan). Afterlight allows you to edit your photos in the coolest way, whether it’s making them blurry, changing the colour composition – you get the picture. Fun fact: Mahira made us download this app to edit some pictures for all of you. Stay tuned for our upcoming work of art – and until then, enjoy hers!

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